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Kooler’s Choice of Garage Door Openers- LiftMaster And Sommer

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LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster and Sommer Garage Door Opener Pro Dealers

With the best garage door openers and smart technologies on the market, Kooler Garage Doors is able to provide professional and quality garage door opener installation and repair. Working with LiftMaster and Sommer garage door openers, we have the best products and replacement parts in stock to perform the best garage door opener installation or repair your money can buy.


LiftMaster garage door openers is a leading brand in the garage door industry. Synonymous with garage doors, LiftMaster is reliable in its opening abilities; it’s all in their name. They are durable, long-lasting, and offer homeowners unsurpassable reliability.   

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Choose Your LiftMaster Opener Type

LiftMaster has versatility and offers a wide range of garage door opener types for homeowners to choose the one that offers excellent opening abilities based on their garage door type. For example, wood garage doors are notoriously heavy, so they would require the strongest, most durable garage door opener available. See below for a quick dive into each garage door opener type from LiftMaster. 

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt Drive

Belt drive operators are the quietest type of garage door opener, utilizing a rubber belt that creates the smoothest garage door operation. With a belt drive opener, fewer repairs are required, and its durable design allows for better garage door operation.

Chain Drive

Chain drive openers are the most affordable openers, as well as the most common opener type found in people’s homes. Like most overhead door openers, a chain drive garage door opener operates on a rail and trolley with a metal chain. They tend to be noisier but last longer with fewer mechanical parts. 

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers
Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

Screw Drive 

If you’re willing to pay a little more, screw drive openers are quieter than chain drive openers since they have less mechanical parts. With less moving parts, they avoid frequent repairs by having a trolley move across a steel rod. Screw drive openers are also built with more lifting power than chain drive openers.

Wall Mount Operators

Wall mount operators, also known as jackshaft openers, are installed beside the garage door. Becoming more popular residentially, wall mount openers are perfect for garages with lower or higher ceilings. Definitely consider a wall mount if your garage door is made out of wood, glass, or other ultra-heavy materials.

Wall Mount Garage Door Openers


Popular for their cutting-edge wireless control systems and smart garage door opener technology, Sommer garage door openers represent the best in quality and near-silent operation overall. While they also have every type of garage door opener like LiftMaster does, Sommer stands out for their alternative design and tech accessories. They quietly do the heavy lifting with their residential jackshaft operators and belt-drive openers as some of their flagship products. 

Sommer Garage Door Openers

Sleek Designs 

Manufactured in Germany, these openers are made with sleek and functional designs. Considering their minimalist qualities, these European openers save homeowners ceiling and storage space. While they directly attach to your garage door, Sommer openers avoid needing frequent repairs and allow quiet operations with smooth start openings and closings. 

Cutting-Edge Security 

They offer indoor monitoring with their Garage Camera and outdoor monitoring with their Gate Camera. Both cameras include HD quality resolution and night vision to monitor your home 24/7. Giving you live video feeds from inside and outside your garage, you’re able to have complete control of your home’s security with the help of Sommer’s Ismartgate motion detection.

Convenient Technology

Sommer has released advancements in smart garage door opener technology that make benefits like video monitoring and voice command affordable and easily accessible. Sommer has more cutting-edge technology for homeowners seeking access control and peace of mind. 

The ismartgate PRO garage kit, for instance, is the perfect representation of Sommer’s convenient technology. This smart remote is easy to use, has wide compatibility, and boasts incredible features, including:

Smart Garage Door Openers
  • Step-by-step instruction setup through a smartphone app.
  • Options of access control to the whole family.
  • Works with major smart home platforms, including Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Ask Siri.
  • Integrates easily with cameras for video monitoring.
  • Customize to automatically open or close when it senses you approaching or leaving your home.
  • Sends real-time alerts when your garage door opens or closes.

Local Gunnison, CO and Grand Junction, CO Garage Door Opener Dealers

Our Kooler team has completed countless garage door opener installations and repairs on numerous brands and models. We repair any brand or type of opener, but we go with the best when it comes to garage door opener installations. We are proud to partner with Liftmaster and Sommer, the leading garage door opener brands in the country.

Confident in their lasting quality, we offer our Golden Key Club Membership to make sure we catch problems before they arise in your garage door opener. When you need local Gunnison, CO or Grand Junction, CO garage door opener repair, contact Kooler Garage Doors today!

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