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Unlocking Personal Transformation: An Interview with Andy Hite

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In this captivating episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, host Matt Kuehlhorn sits down with executive coach and transformational expert Andy Hite. Andy shares his incredible journey from a small-town upbringing to his passion for music and breakdancing. Learn how insights and awareness can unlock the doors to personal change and growth. Join us for an inspiring conversation that will leave you motivated to take action and transform your own life.



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You Are Beautiful: Grace Kindas Message of Selflove and Skincare on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #68

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On this episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, Matt learns about Grace Kinda, CEO and Founder of Iber (ee-bair) Naturals. “Iber” is a statement used to express the meaning “you are beautiful” in the language of the Luo people, a proud Nilotic tribe from East Africa with origins along the River Nile. Grace found her business through the impossible task of finding information and products that worked for her own skin and hair, looking through many products catering to hair and skin needs not similar to her own. She makes all her products by hand (at the moment) and wants to highlight and spread the message that you are already beautiful and the products and information she wants to share helps to enhance the natural beauty that already exists within you.

Building a Purpose-Driven Business with Ryan Groth on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #67

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In this engaging episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, host Matthew Kuehlhorn sits down with Ryan Groth, the CEO of the Sales Transformation Group (STG). Dive into the world of business growth and transformation as Ryan shares invaluable insights and strategies to help business owners thrive and create a positive impact.

Ryan Groth defines the importance of company culture and emphasizes the significance of core values, especially “Greater Purpose.” Discover how STG goes beyond profits and empire-building, focusing on making a meaningful impact by donating a percentage of sales to charity.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or simply seeking inspiration to take your business to new heights while giving back, this episode is a must-watch. Get ready to transform your approach to business!

Behind the Tools: Kristin Davis Trade Journey Unveiled on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #66

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In this episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, host Matt Kuehlhorn sits down with Kristin Davis, President of Bishop Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Join us as we explore Kristin’s background, her journey in the plumbing and HVAC industry, and her insights into the ever-evolving world of trades. Discover how she keeps her team up to date with the latest technologies and products.

Small Business Strategies: Dalida Bollig on Boosting Local Entrepreneurship

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On this episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, Matt sits down with Dalida Bollig, Chief Executive Officer of the Business Incubator Center (BIC)located in Grand Junction Colorado. BIC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that for more than a quarter century now has been supporting the launch, growth, stabilization, and long-term success of business enterprises in Mesa County and the surrounding region. Their main goal is to stimulate the local economy and retain/create the greatest number of sustainable jobs possible, mostly through small businesses. Dalida discusses the kind of businesses BIC can help and how entrepreneurs from anywhere in the Grand Junction area can get a free consultation for what risks they are trying to take with their ventures. She goes into the patterns that have been observed in similar areas and the phrase “boom and bust” comes up frequently as something they consistently try to avoid.

Expert Insights from Coach Carrie Jo Hicks on the Koolers Lifestyle Podcast #63

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On this episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, Matt sits down with Carrie Jo Hicks. She is the Owner and a coach at Synergy Athlete Crested Butte Crossfit, located in Crested Butte, Colorado. Carrie has a long resume dating all the way back to when she was 13, teaching martial arts, and along the way, has developed a love for watching people connect with their bodies and push themselves outside their comfort zones. Discovering new capabilities that they once thought impossible. She puts that love into practice with her present-day coaching where she sees herself as a facilitator so that people who come in can focus on their own health goals and injuries without applying the same goals to everyone.

Mindful Living and Sustainable Enlightenment with Johann Urb on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #62

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Welcome to the Koolers Lifestyle podcast, where we dive deep into the realms of personal growth, spirituality, and mindful living. In this episode, host Matthew Kuehlhorn sits down with Johann Urb, a visionary teacher, and practitioner of practical mysticism. Join us as we explore Johann’s inspiring journey from the Soviet Union to his transformative experiences with breathwork and mystical practices. Discover how the Pyramid Breath technique and daily rituals can elevate your lifestyle, enhance business strategies, and foster a deeper sense of community connection. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and sustainable enlightenment, this conversation is a must-watch.

Creating Your Entrepreneurial Legacy: Insights from Legacy Mike on The Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #61

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This time on the Kooler lifestyle Podcast Matt sits down with Legacy Mike, founder of Legacy Entrepreneurs, a consulting firm here to help small business owners and entrepreneurs alike healthily grow in their respective markets. Mike describes his journey through the corprate ladder until he decided to quit and start his own cleaning business, starting back at square one. He shares the multiple lessons he learned just through operating the business himself and how he took small steps at first to grow, one employee at a time, and eventually he turned that business into a seven figure venture that could run itself without him. Now he wants to help you do the same, Legacy Entrepreneurs offers a free one on one consultation to help you discover the multiple paths your business ventures can take. Check out their site below!

The Three M’s: Medicine, Money, Meaning with Chris Cappy on the Koolers Lifestyle Podcast #60

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On this episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, Matt sits down with Chris Cappy, founder and owner of Pilot Consulting. For more than 30 years, Chris and his team have been utilizing results-focused approaches and toolsets that underlie achieving business goals. He brings simple structures, disciplines, and skills that support the improvements you seek and most importantly he brings his care. Chris does not simply give a report and leave, he wants to help your business thrive. Some aspects of his work has brought along simple philosophies related to living the most fulfilling life possible through helping others, touching on the three M’s, Medicine, Money, Meaning, as well as sharing his thoughts on younger generations and the challenges they face.

Building Your Dream: Meaghan Likes Shares Her Journey on The Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #59

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In one episode, Matt interviews Meaghan Likes, a serial entrepreneur based in Northern California. Meaghan has a background in accounting and is a CPA. She has also established ventures like Bookkeeping Academy online. The conversation with Meaghan revolves around business numbers and extracting valuable insights that can be useful for any business or even personal finances. Meaghan shares her journey, growing up in a rural agricultural area in California and being exposed to her parents’ entrepreneurial ventures. This upbringing instilled in her a passion for small businesses and the American dream of building something.



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