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Established in 2015

But this story begins 5 years earlier…


‘The Kooler’ was an exceptionally mediocre hockey player within the Gentlemen’s Beer League in 2010, 2011, and 2012.  And we mean ‘exceptionally’ mediocre.  The name was derived at the time of jersey purchasing and the honor of ‘The Kooler’ is due to Chad Zummach – aka The Commish.  When Matt saw the opportunity of starting a painting company – his search for company names did not go much farther than his back and Kooler was born.

Kooler came out of transition for Matt. From his non-profit, drug prevention experiences, he saw Kooler’s opportunity when painting a spec home for Andy Sovick. During this time he heard his old landlord of the ‘Ski Fence’ House was really frustrated not having a contractor call her back as she was desperately looking to have her home painted.  Matt thought to himself – “I can call her back.”

One proposal later – he had his first exterior painting project online for May of 2015. This project was full of lead-based paints and asbestos shingles. He took himself to the EPA Certified Lead-Based Paint class to certify himself and his firm and with the down payment from this job bought a sprayer and filed his LLC documents with the Secretary of State.  How Kool is that?

Matt’s background is in education and non-profit work before he started Kooler. His background in trades goes deep into his highschool and prior years with stints of professional trades work with Gunnison Garage Doors in the mid 2000’s and various construction crews through his college years.

Matt grew up in Michigan and has now lived in the Gunnison Valley longer than anywhere else during his lifetime — It’s been his home since 1997 and he focuses his company to care for the Valley he loves dearly. Kooler supports Western Athletics, Mentoring, High School Booster Clubs, special events, the Avalanche Center, non-profit pre-schools and more every year.

Our professional team is here to help you with any questions or concerns.

Garage Doors are complicated. We strive to simplify the process so you have less stress and worries.

Matt Kuehlhorn Owner
Matt loves adventures – rivers, mountains, canyons, snow, business. Kooler found him and it’s offered an adventure of a lifetime. He thrives on client feedback and the culture being built with the team.
Pascual Ramos is certified by the International Door Association and has multiple years of garage door installation and services under his belt. Starting as a painter in 2018, Pascual gravitated to Garage Doors and excels with his mechanical aptitude and personable nature. Pascual love’s catching shows on the weekends and hanging out with his girlfriend.
Jeff G
Jeffrey Gearhart joined us over a year ago and brings professionalism and a grounded sense of purpose to the team. He plays multiple roles and helps oversee the ship through development of the General Manager position. Jeffrey is an adventurer and loves getting outdoors with family and friends to enjoy the surrounding where we live.
Jeff M
Jeff Mihalek is the epitome of an artist. His craftsmanship is par to none and he runs Kooler’s woodshop and customizes Kooler’s garage doors. He’s consistent and methodical and each item he touches benefits. Jeff is working on a ‘schoolie’ which we’re all excited to see. It’s been an almost all consuming venture for him and we are sure it’s above and beyond!
Jordan joined us this past summer and helps us communicate quickly while handling our phones, some sales, and billing. She is personable and a true joy to have around the office. If you call here, you’ll likely talk with Jordan. Jordan loves adventuring with her husband and pups and is involved with our community on many levels.
Stephen is our apprentice and is almost beyond this as he’s learned stellar skills and has been a focused learner. He’s a WSCU Student and we’re glad he’s jumped on the team while he studies for the next chapter of his life. Stephen plays baseball for the Western Club Team and loves adventuring outdoors.
Devon Carillo joined us and brings an awesome talent of mechanical abilities and artistry with his metal workings. He’s a huge part of our Technician and Installation Team. When Devon is not working, you’ll find him playing Hockey, Hunting, or chilling with his wife and dog.
Client Service Rep
Luke is here to answer your calls. We’ll be responsive and we will host you – which is Lukes main role. He’s been in Gunnison for years and is an avid Avalanch Hockey Fan – this year of 2022 is a special year indeed!

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Now Hiring Team Members

Are you seeking a motivating job that will help you develop personally and professionally? Do you like working on a team of fun people?

 We work hard and play hard at Kooler Homes.

We strive for excellence in everything we do and are looking for qualified people to join our painter/finisher team. We are seeking someone who can lead a team and join our paint crew for our busy summer months (may extend into the fall). Make a good wage on a high performing team!

Send a note with your info and attach a resume or email Jeff at [email protected]

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