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Garage Door Repair

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair

Every garage door repair begins with a full diagnostic to review each system of your garage door.

Once assessed, we will address your main concern in a way that offers longevity and peace of mind. And you’ll likely have multiple options to choose from as we believe in giving you a choice.

You’ll enjoy meeting our trusted technicians, which are trained in-house and often certified by the International Door Association. We have locations for Gunnison County and Grand Junction CO!

What can you expect when booking a garage door repair?

  • Upon calling you’ll be greeted by a friendly certified professional who will take your contact information, garage door problem details, and walk you through our next steps.
  • Shortly thereafter you will hear from our dispatching team who will coordinate a time for you to meet with our technician at your home.
  • Our technicians will greet themselves, get to know you, and hear about your needs and concerns, then they’ll run through a thorough assessment of your garage door. After the assessment, they will present choices for how to address your needs.
  • Once you choose, our technicians will get to work and complete the service in a timely manner and without pause—our vans are stocked with most parts and we generally complete service and have your door moving well within a couple of hours for most services.
  • Our technicians will walk you through the work completed and share your invoice with you to settle.
  • If we’ve done well we’ll request a review, and we’ll be on our way—leaving you with peace of mind and a secure home.
Commercial Garage Door Service

Commercial Garage Door Service

Commercial clients with two or more commercial doors can contact Kooler for a complimentary tagging inspection.

What this does for you is to have Kooler onsite, visually inspecting all doors while we name them and document the doors’ details into our database. 

  • This saves you time when there are issues as you can contact Kooler with the problem and the door name. Immediately, we will be able to know the door’s details—size, counterbalance, cable, etc—and set up servicing very quickly.
  • This can help plan general maintenance to reduce “down days” and to keep unique items in stock—such as specific spring sizes if not a common item.
  • We’ll generate a document listing your doors, noting visual inspection results, and it will offer you a quick glance at the door’s tags to reference easily in the future.

We’ll document the details to better serve you when you need it to keep your business humming.

Commercial Servicing

Our technicians are trained and certified to work on all major makes of commercial sectional and rolling steel doors. In fact, Kooler’s the only door company in the Valley that has technicians certified by the International Door Association.

Commercial Door Servicing includes our 25-point inspection and an understanding of commercial door applications and systems.

*All commercial services are backed by Kooler’s workmanship and professionalism.

New Garage Door

Garage Door Weather Stripping

It is important to examine the stripping around your garage door every year for any irregularities. Spring is the best time for inspection. Weatherstripping can dry out or fall out, and when it does, it needs to be replaced. Typically, garage door weather stripping lasts for over 5 years. 

Garage Door Spring Repair

Most garage door springs last about 10,000 cycles. One cycle is the garage door coming up and going back down. You can expect a garage door spring to last from 7 to 15 years, depending on the frequency that you are using your garage door. When a spring breaks, the garage door can come crashing down because it no longer has the counterweight. This is obviously a serious problem that needs fixing. 

Garage Door Not Closing

The reason for your garage door not closing can be due to a variety of things. It can be a blocked path between sensors, loose wires at the motor, or a bad motor or control board. 

You can try unplugging your garage door opener and plugging it in again after a few seconds. If this is not solving the problem, call a garage door repair company.

Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers will typically last from 5 to 15 years, depending on the frequency of use. When a garage door roller is at the end of its life, the garage door can shake when opening or closing, or the garage door seems like it’s jumping off its track. When rollers are worn out they need replacement. 

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers, like most mechanical things, aren’t built to last forever. Their average lifespan is about 10 to 15 years. Electric garage doors need regular maintenance, but even with maintenance, there will be a point when they will wear out and need replacement. You’ll notice the performance is a lot better with a brand-new garage door opener.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

You might want to replace your garage door panels if there has been some damage from a minor accident like a car bumping into it, or a lawnmower or bike. When your garage door panels get bumped, it’s important to replace them because it can bring the entire system out of balance, causing bigger problems. 

Bent, Misaligned, Or Damaged Track

A bent, damaged, or misaligned track can most of the time be repaired using a claw hammer. That can help bend the track back into shape. If this doesn’t work, replacement with a new garage door track will be needed. 

Garage Door Replacement

When your garage door system is old and worn out, it might be best to replace the garage door and opener. There is also the possibility of fitting an opener to the existing garage door. But if your garage door itself is older than 10 years, it might be a good idea to replace the entire system. 

Garage Door Keypad Replacement

Dust and dirt can clog up, making the keys stick. This might be the reason that your garage opener is not responding. Also, our Colorado weather conditions like snow, sun, rain, and wind can shorten the life of a garage door keypad. Replacement is an easy job. You just have to make sure that you get a garage door keypad from the same company that your opener is from.

Garage Door Closes Then Opens

There are a variety of reasons that your garage door is opening again after closing. The easiest way to try and solve this problem yourself is to unplug it or shut off the breaker that is connected to your garage door. Wait 10 seconds and plug it in again and see if that solved the problem. If it does not solve the problem, it’s best to call a garage door repair company.

Garage Door Making Loud Noises

Loose rollers or hinges can be the cause that your garage door is making loud grinding noises. Loose chains and wires make loud slapping noises. Loose hardware and bearings are another reason for the loud noises. The best thing to do is to lubricate all the moving parts. 

Garage Door Sales & Service FAQs

Got a question? We’re here to help.

The industry standard is to engineer springs for 10,000 cycles. A cycle is one full open and close movement of your garage door. And typically for a residential home, there are a minimum of two cycles per day—often more. At the minimum, most springs are going to run for roughly 10 years, give or take a few variables.

Variables that can affect springs are the door being tuned, additional weight added to the door without it being tuned, multiple cycles in a day, and at times environmental factors of heat, cold, and moisture.

There is no way to tell when a spring will fail by looking at it. We would need an electron microscope to look at the surface of each spring wire as this is where small cracks develop over time.

If you’re looking for peace of mind, and your door is over 5 years old, we recommend replacing springs as this is the only certain way to prevent your vehicle from being stuck behind a garage door unexpectedly.

In 2021, Kooler launched our Golden Key Membership Club. This offers homeowners peace of mind and some great discounts. For a low monthly fee, our Golden Key Club Members get prioritized on every service call, receive an annual 25 Point Inspection & Service, gain a surge protector on their openers to prevent overloads from storm surges, gain 10% of parts and 5% of full garage door replacements, every two years we will replace the bottom rubber gasket, and every 5 years we swap out rollers with quiet, nylon ball bearing rollers to keep your door gliding smooth. Homeowners can sign up anytime with a simple phone call to our office. And for owners with custom wood-faced garage doors, we offer a small add-on to care for the wood on the exterior with an annual clear coat application and monitoring wood annually.

We recommend lubricating your door at least once a year. Make it a part of your home’s winterization management. Use non-building, non-silicone lubrication and lightly lubricate:

  • Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Hinge Pivot Points
  • Springs
  • End Bearings
  • The Radius of the Track

To see this in video form visit Kooler’s Youtube Station.

We sure can. There is an ideal space from the frame where a garage door wants to live. Too close and there may be too much friction causing difficult operations and too far there may be an open invitation to outdoor critters and cold winds. It’s the “just right” that we want to park the door at and this is done by adjusting the track spacing.

Depending on the severity of oxidation there are a couple of ways to address this unsightly aesthetic and restore the garage door’s look. The first step is to clean the door regularly. This is usually an annual washdown. If your garage door is new, doing this annually will go a long way to prevent oxidation on your garage door. Second, clean the door and then use an automobile type of body wax to restore the color and pop of your garage door. We recommend utilizing a light building type of material. The final option is a full repaint to gain a “like” new look and feel. Reach out to us and we can offer you our “How to Repaint Your Garage Door” Guide.

We generally can! Oftentimes, garage doors simply like to be tuned. Garage Doors are large moving walls and generally, they can weigh anywhere from 200 pounds up to 1,000lbs. Moving this amount of weight does wear down parts and, over time, the vibrations cause items to break down and loosen. A tune-up is the first step. After this we can explore using a quality nylon ball bearing roller—this is standard with Kooler’s new doors and can often make a huge difference in quieting down the door. The next option is to explore the opener as there are some slick machines that are quieter than a whisper these days.

This can happen and there are solutions. When the photo eye’s do not operate, your door will not close without you pressing and holding the wall station. Each safety sensor has an LED light on it to show it’s in operations. One side is ‘sending’ the signal (generally a yellow or red light) and the other side is ‘catching’ the signal (generally a green light). If the green light is not on – there is something disrupting the send and this may be an object, a mis-alignment, or an overload of Sun UV Rays (easy to do in the mountains).

If you’ve cleared the path and think it’s the sun washing out the signal, you can do one of two things to work towards addressing it. One is to swap the side of the photo sensors. Often this will be the fix. The second option is to purchase or fabricate (toilet paper rolls can work) a small shade that covers the afflicted side.

The R-value for windows is not the same as the rest of your garage door. Windows carry little insulation value even when they are thermal paned glass. Kooler’s Garage Doors can gain an R-18 value for our two inch thick models (even up to R-26 for a three inch thick model) and when we add windows they are more aesthetically desired than for insulative properties.

Your garage door sensors themselves do not generally need maintenance. We do recommend maintaining your garage door and opener systems as they do play with each other and can either wear each other out or prolong one another’s operational lifespan.

Every opener has a manual release option. While there are subtleties to each model, generally there will be a read pull cord to pull down on. Once released, a properly tuned door will move manually without wanting to fall back down at any point in it’s cycle.

There are many HOA neighborhoods and mountain towns that love to preserve the natural wood aesthetics for their homes. This does mean that for a well insulated garage door, we’re building a wood overlay on top of well insulated, quality panels. Most garage door manufacturers will not continue to warranty their panels once nails, screws, or glues are used. They warrant their panel primarily from ‘rust’ for 10 years on average.

By choosing the overlay, we as Kooler, or you as the homeowner, take this warranty on. We have a great relationship with our garage door manufacturer, Raynor Garage Doors. And if something were to occur on your custom overlaid garage door that we built and provided, we would have your back.

Garage doors generally have a lifespan of about 10 to 20 years. And we tune up some beautiful 40 year old garage doors too! Proper service and use are the main points to emphasize when talking about the lifespan. Heavy use of a residential garage door will cause the door to wear out overtime more quickly. And a properly maintained garage door will outlive a door that is neglected.

Garage doors can be painted, however, if heavily dented, the dents will still be present. It is difficult to impossible to remove dents that have occurred in a garage door.

Our professional team of garage door installers take roughly 2-4 hours for a full garage door installation. This may include the removal of an older existing door and variables may exist which would increase this timeframe. Generally though, a full garage door project is a one day or less deal.

With Kooler, you know we’ll be behind your door to warrant our workmanship for at least 12 months and sometimes longer if we determine it is within our workmanship. You also get Raynor Garage Door’s quality and warranties on their garage doors for as long as you own your home.

We recommend tuning up your garage door’s annual to extend the life of your garage door and garage door opener. This is the best way to catch items that have shifted during seasons and wearing out parts that can cause additional friction and stress. Consider joining Kooler’s Golden Key Club to have us care for your door and you no longer have to worry about scheduling in maintenance.

We certainly have the capacity for this, and we will talk about this case by case. Reach out and let’s explore your needs and we can line up the best team.

If pet doors fit within a garage door panel we can certainly install doors for our animal creatures access.

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