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Reliable Garage Door Roller Replacement

Enhance Your Home’s Safety and Convenience

stock image with green arrow pointing at a garage door roller

Garage door rollers are just what they sound like – rollers that allow your garage door to move along the track with little to no friction. At least that’s the intention.

Garage door rollers come in different materials and they are designed to carry different weight as some are for light doors and some are for heavy doors.

For residential doors, we typically see plastic rollers, metal rollers with ball bearings, and nylon rollers with ball bearings. And within this configuration of garage door rollers the nylon materials can be different as well as the ball bearings.

There are many garage doors installed with plastic rollers that offer no bearings — this are designe to last about 10 or less years and they carry a very light and inexpensive, low quality garage door. If you notice you have these rollers on your garage door let’s have a chat as there are likely upgrades on all systems.

Overtime, ball bearings can wear out and the wheels themselves can become misshaped — both of these scenarios can create distracting and annoying noise along with increased friction to the operating systems of your garage door.

With increased friction – you’ll replace motors, operators, springs, and others components more frequently.

When a garage door roller is at the end of its life, the garage door may shake when opening and closing or you may end up with a garage door off track. We’ve also scene rollers compeltely blow apart and cause the door to jam, bending track and ruining high dollar operators.

It’s best to review and lubricate rollers every so often to ensure smooth operations are maintained – and thus saving money and inconveniences down the road.

custom wood garage door installation with the Kooler van parked in front

Great Service!

At Kooler Garage doors, we pride ourselves in great service. Our service vans are fully loaded with everything we need to get the job done right. You’ll see us coming too with our branded trucks and you’ll receive a text notification with a picture of your garage door service tech. All parts of Kooler’s mission to beautifully secure your home.