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Garage Door Cable Replacement Service

Enhance Your Home’s Safety and Convenience

orange arrow pointing to the location of a garage door cable for educational purposes

Have you ever looked at your cables?

A broken or frayed garage door cable can pose a serious risk. This is because the cables hold the weight of your door – entirely. Garage Door Cables are a series of banded metal strands that form cables of varying thicknesses. The heavier the garage door, the thicker the cable wires. Most residential garage doors weight less than 500 pounds – and truly most single car garage doors weight under 200 pounds or so. If you think about that statement — then you recognize there is still 200 pounds or so being held by two cables!

Our specialists are equipped to handle all types of garage door cable replacements, ensuring your door operates smoothly and safely. This is NOT something you want your handyman (nor your DIY husband) to do!

We’ve seen too many horror stories and close calls from people working on doors under immense spring tension – trying to replace garage door cables in many examples – and it’s not pretty.

Garage door cables work with springs to carry the weight of your garage door through a counterbalance system. They are under massive tension even for ‘light’ doors.

However, they also take on a lot of wear and tear over the years, and usually need garage door cable replacement every 8-15 years. Cables can come out of the drums, become loose, and fray overtime. If a cable does shear or break, the door goes into a free fall.

If you notice anything abnormal about your garage door cables — or if this article taught you that you have garage door cables – schedule garage door repair! Our background checked, certified garage door craftsman can inspect your systems and give you the peace of mind needed so you don’t have to consider whether or not your garage door cables are worn at all!

custom wood garage door installation with the Kooler van parked in front

Great Service!

At Kooler Garage doors, we pride ourselves in great service. Our service vans are fully loaded with everything we need to get the job done right. You’ll see us coming too with our branded trucks and you’ll receive a text notification with a picture of your garage door service tech. All parts of Kooler’s mission to beautifully secure your home.