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Building a Thriving Business with Benny Fisher on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #83

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00:00:00 Benny Fisher
It’s like, you know, we grew up with the Internet, right? Our the guys that are 20 years older than us, our dads and our uncles and have home service businesses, they didn’t, you know, so again, that was never their focus. They never thought they could leverage that. And I think if you’re an entrepreneur, you are a disruptor. No matter, you know, if you’re the old guy, he was a disruptor beforehand, just in a different way, right.

00:00:21 Benny Fisher
And so we’re disruptors and the one way to disrupt, especially over the last five to 10 years was.

00:00:25 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Welcome to the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast. I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn, and I’m excited to have you join me as I interview community members and business leaders from the communities in which I live, work and serve through my business, Kooler Garage Doors. We’re going to bring you highlights on characters in our communities. Why? Because community matters, and I want to know more about who is behind our business and leadership in order to understand and support the community fabric that our relationships make up.

00:00:54 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And collectively, we can build stronger communities that support our lifestyles, our youth and our health. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast. I’m your host Matthew Kuehlhorn. Today I’m sitting down with Benny Fisher. I’m incredibly excited to talk with Benny.

00:01:14 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Benny is a visionary at the Big Fish Contracting Company, is also host of the Big Fish Cares podcast. And Benny, I’m really excited to get into a couple of different things. Branding. I know our conversation is going to have some inspiration mixed into it. And then I also want to touch on Masterminds because I didn’t have where that you have started.

00:01:38 Matthew Kuehlhorn
One. And just in general, man, thank you for showing up. I appreciate you. You and I connected really through Gary VS. World of V Con and V Friends and I’ve seen you online and social.

00:01:53 Matthew Kuehlhorn
So I’m excited to talk. Thanks so much for showing up.

00:01:57 Benny Fisher
Thanks for having me, man. I appreciate you getting up real early. I know it’s we have a 2 hour time difference between us, so this is this is sweet, ’cause I like, I like the morning podcast ’cause this is where I got all my energy.

00:02:08 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, same. I feel crystal clear in the mornings. So good stuff, Benny, just to build a little bit of context, where did you grow up?

00:02:18 Benny Fisher
I grew up in Canton, OH with a Pro Football of Famous. So I was there until I was 29 years old and then I moved to Pittsburgh to help my uncle with sales and marketing and his roofing company. Gotcha. And I’ve been here in Pittsburgh for going on 14 years, I guess. I’m 42 years old, so I’ve had like 2 lives.

00:02:38 Benny Fisher
I’ve had my Ohio life and my Pittsburgh life.

00:02:42 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I’ve picked that up a little bit. What was Ohio like growing up for you? What was childhood like?

00:02:49 Benny Fisher
You know, we went to church every Sunday, every Wednesday. We were, you know, independent Baptists. So life was pretty strict, you know, lots of rules, regulations. I had sometimes a tough time in school ’cause I had the ADHD, you know, and in the late 80s that’s where I was starting to get diagnosed. And and so you know, I I’m a smart kid.

00:03:13 Benny Fisher
I’m a smart kid but like you know I’d like to talk too much in school. So it’s funny now I get paid to talk, you know it’s just crazy because they always used to try to shut me up and so I’m showing all the teachers you know it’s it’s possible. So yeah you know there was there’s ups and downs you know a lot of good times you know some not so good times. There was. I got, you know, I started selling cars in the in my early 20s because I didn’t want to go to college.

00:03:39 Benny Fisher
And I thought, you can make a bunch of money selling cars. And no one in my family ever was rich, per SE, right? Like now, Nobody, you know, nobody had regular jobs at the hospital or the steel mill. And I always wanted to go out and make something of myself, ’cause I always heard everyone complain about money, right? And not not loving what they do.

00:03:54 Benny Fisher
So. So I tried that and you know, I would get fired from every single car job I ever had, ’cause, you know, then I would get, you know, back then it was before social media, so, like, you just had to wait for people to come in and, like, I got bored, right? Waiting for people to come in and so ended up getting into selling drugs, which you know, that was not. That wasn’t a pleasant experience. I went through a lot of adversity.

00:04:18 Benny Fisher
You know, I was bankrupt in my 20s. I was homeless for a couple days of my 20s. I was, I got robbed at gunpoint pistol whipped over the head, car stolen 2 felonies and my uncle calls me up who’s been roofing, you know, his whole life and he said, hey, I started my commercial roofing business. Why don’t you move to Pittsburgh and get yourself a new life started? And I said, man, that sounds great, fresh opportunity.

00:04:41 Benny Fisher
I could become a new me get away from all those. Just that environment, right. So yeah, that’s a little bit of background.

00:04:50 Matthew Kuehlhorn
So you got into Pittsburgh and I appreciate you sharing that background. I I I should probably sidestep here and say you know, one of the things I really respect and honor about you is the transparency you have in one of your podcasts. On your show you have the story of Benny and and you really highlight a lot of that. And I think all this journey with us like starts informing and and presses into where we are now and and becomes part of our our story. But it also fuels us on some ways.

00:05:23 Matthew Kuehlhorn
So I just really respect that and you can tell that there’s a lot of inner work and the inner lifting has happened in order to be able to talk about it and and just be vulnerable with it. So I honor that as you get into Pittsburgh and start running sales and marketing, is that how the Big Fish contracting, Is that an evolution of it? Is that another entity that you ultimately put in together? How did Big Fish form?

00:05:49 Benny Fisher
Yeah. So, you know, my uncle was a little old school and, you know, wasn’t the biggest fan of technology at apps and, you know, social media, you know, And I tried to implement some of that stuff, right, because I was learning about that stuff. This is like 2010 to 2015 era and there’s a lot of cool stuff coming out in the roofing space. And you know, me and him just had different, different things that we wanted to do. And he and I was.

00:06:17 Benny Fisher
That’s when I started to learn from Gary Vee a little bit on social media, right? I would start to hear him and had all these cool ideas and you know, much like in school or like when I was at home with my parents, I felt like it’s like no one wanted to hear my ideas. Like nobody wanted to like, you know, help me like achieve these things. And me and my uncle ended up parting ways. He ended up firing me and I didn’t really have a choice.

00:06:40 Benny Fisher
I was like, man, I was like, you know, in this town, I didn’t really, I mean I knew some people, but I didn’t, you know, it was just through, like, you know, working for him. I had, you know, I had a one year old son. I had just gotten married. I had more. I just bought a house, you know, and here I am.

00:06:58 Benny Fisher
I got some bills to pay. I think my wife was only working part time at the time. She’s my ex-wife now. But yeah, and it was, it was like, go like, what else are you going to do, man? Like I had luckily the felonies.

00:07:09 Benny Fisher
I got the felonies expunged in like 2012 because, you know, I never had a record. So I could have went and worked for the biggest roofing company in Pittsburgh. But I was like, I’m just going to run into the same thing. I told myself like, like, what’s going to be different? So I just got to do it myself.

00:07:22 Benny Fisher
And you know, and Gary’s always in the in your ear and say, yeah, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it. And I didn’t know him at the time. You know, now we have a pretty good relationship. But I didn’t know him at the time at all. But he was my inspiration.

00:07:33 Benny Fisher
He was like the first guy that like believed in me. I was borrowed with this belief of a human, a make belief. I thought I was really almost like a make believe human on social media. I just went out and did it. And I started with Brandon Mine, you know, we called it the Big Fish Contracting Company because last name is Fisher and I’m not a small guy and nobody had a nobody had a branded company, nobody had a branded roofing company or any, pretty much any home service company.

00:07:56 Benny Fisher
In 2015 in Pittsburgh. It was pretty much the old school. Everybody used their last name and so much like you, you know, could play a little playoff your last name. You know, I played a little playoff my last name, ’cause I feel like, you know, people buy off people they know, like and trust. And so yeah, and thought people thought I was crazy.

00:08:14 Benny Fisher
You know, they’re like, people are going to think that you’re doing something on Three Rivers, that you’re selling fish sandwiches, you’re selling, you know, you’re renting out boat equipment. And I’m like, not. When we become the best residential roofing contractor in Pittsburgh. And here we are with over 755 star reviews. And now it’s just the same.

00:08:31 Benny Fisher
You know, everybody knows what Big Fish does.

00:08:34 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, yeah, I’m gathering this sense. I always use the culture index because I’ve gone deep on that just to assess personalities. But I mean, you’re certainly a trailblazer. Would you agree with that?

00:08:46 Benny Fisher
Oh yeah, Yep. I definitely would agree with that.

00:08:49 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Just an unhireable trailblazer.

00:08:51 Benny Fisher
Yeah, yeah. I mean, even saying that for for, yeah, 99.999% of the world, I’d be unhireable. I do believe that there’s a couple visionaries out there that have bigger visions than I do that would seem kind of like me and know how to put me to use and let me operate in my unique ability. So now that I know that, but it’s back then, like, you know, if you’re just applying that jobs on LinkedIn, yeah, you’re right. I am never going to find a job on LinkedIn where someone’s going to be able to handle my energy.

00:09:20 Benny Fisher
Now, if I meet somebody at a conference, you know, that’s got a $250 million company, you’re like, for instance, like Gary’s a good, good example of this. Like, Gary knows my personality, knows what I could do if he had a spot somewhere where he needed me to help grow something, right. He could just set me loose and you know, and you know, obviously we have to put some guard rails in place. But you know, I’m a lot more, I like, I like a little bit of structure. Now I operate well in structure.

00:09:44 Benny Fisher
That’s why I love EOS so much is because I, I, I thrive in a little bit of structure. Not too much, just a little bit.

00:09:51 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yep. Now I’m glad you brought EOS up too. We can integrate that a little bit. I want to dive back into brand. How do you define brand?

00:10:00 Benny Fisher
Brand to me is the emotion that people feel about when they when they see your company or or hear about your company and and to me that’s that’s that’s really all it boils down to. And it’s the same thing for the employees, you know, not only customers but employees. It’s saying it’s like, how do people feel about you when they hear about your brand or they see your brand?

00:10:20 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I love that definition. Super clear. How do you lead it? Create it form it.

00:10:27 Benny Fisher
Well, like now or back then in the early days because there’s like 2, there’s like a couple different stages, right? Like for me, it was like just me to customers, right? It was just all about me providing great service for customers. You know, kind of like the Chick-fil-A model, right? You know, love them, serve them, make them raving fans and you know, you can create that emotion And then sprinkling content, right?

00:10:49 Benny Fisher
Because sales is 1 to one, marketing is 1 to many. And so it’s basically a lot of the same skills, but you’re more at a higher level, more macro based brand awareness and trying to get that emotion through different mediums and marketing and advertising. And so and then it’s hiring the right people, right and and and getting people that align with your core values, people that align with like your mission, right, people that are excited like you are about what we’re doing. And so then that way you have a bunch of mini Me’s out there running around, you know, praising, praising big fish from the rooftops, doing a good job for customers. And so that way you can keep kind of it going forever hopefully.

00:11:28 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, yeah. So if so for listeners, especially if you’re running a a company, I mean brand is this feeling, I agree with that. And what I’m hearing Benny is initially if it’s a solopreneur or just a a couple of people like it really extends from the feeling that that owner gives and brings with them and that ties into core values that can then be leveraged and extended through AT Yep maybe a summation when you talk about and and I’ve seen this in garage doors, I’ve seen this in home services, there’s there’s old school and there’s new school. I think that there’s a a pretty significant disruption happening right now in the industry of trades and new school has a branding, new school is using a lot, a lot of technology, old school is not. They’re using the last names and and maybe a little type on a truck kind of thing.

00:12:28 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Where do you think this is stemming from? Like what’s the drive in it? Is it from tech, is it from just awareness, is it just a natural evolution of business industry? Well, I.

00:12:39 Benny Fisher
Just think some, obviously, I think you know, like I don’t know how old you are. I mean you’re probably the same age. It’s like, you know, we grew up with the Internet, right. Our the guys that are 20 years older than us, our dads and our uncles and that have home service businesses, they didn’t, you know, so again, that was never their focus. They never thought they could leverage that.

00:12:56 Benny Fisher
And I think if you’re an entrepreneur, you are a disruptor. No matter, you know, if you’re the old guy, he was a disruptor beforehand, just in a different way, right. And so we’re disruptors. And the one way to disrupt, especially over the last five to 10 years was leverage technology. And then as soon as a couple of the visionaries came out with like the branding, right, A couple, you know, as soon as one person goes, then somebody else gets the idea, they look and it’s like, oh, wow, like I want to do that.

00:13:22 Benny Fisher
Now a lot of guys just try to throw up a pretty cool graphic design and a logo on their van and they they call that branding. And to me, that’s just a really cool truck wrap, you know, brand that doesn’t get the emotion of the feeling through the customer service portal and the employee journey. So you got to be careful with that. There’s a lot of fakes out there, right? You know, we can throw a big fish.

00:13:38 Benny Fisher
You can throw a Kooler on, you know, and and and call it whatever else you want. But if they don’t have the right people delivering on that, that brand will just be poo poo. So there’s going to be a lot of confusion going on right now in the marketplace because there’s, you know, just like with anything else, just like there was back in the old days, you could have Bob Smith roofing and and and and Joe Richards roofing and Joe might be great and Bob might be bad. And guess what? And people are going to know the people in the community talk about in town, Oh yeah, go with Bob, don’t go with Joe or go, you know, vice versa.

00:14:06 Benny Fisher
And it’s like, and so that’s no different. It’s just louder now. And it’s actually, you’re either going to have a really good brand or a really poopy brand. And it’s kind of like Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s. I mean, look at those guys.

00:14:17 Benny Fisher
You know, like, what’s the feeling that you get when you go and see the McDonald’s logo now versus when you see the Chick-fil-A logo? And that’s the way I would explain it in this new generation that’s coming up at home services. It’s like if there’s a bad brand out there, like, you’re going to feel that, right? Like there’s one in my town that does HVAC and man, dude, people freaking hate them, but they’re a machine, you know, they like, they just go get new customers and they just keep that. They have such a good customer acquisition model that like they can they can stomach it.

00:14:47 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Keep churning through. That’s a good analogy of McDonald’s Chick-fil-A. And that does elicit a feeling. So as a as a tech guy, as a social media guy, you know I’m hearing Gary right now really beating the drum of brand is built in social. So how have you incorporated this for Big Fish and your brand and even your personal brand?

00:15:13 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And then how you know what kind of tips might there be from you to help people get going if they’re not already have this machine built out?

00:15:24 Benny Fisher
There’s a lot of that’s a that’s a loaded question though. That might be a whole podcast in and of itself, but so I think it, you know, at first, you know, you have to have a have a have some type of consistency, right. And so you have to be able to tell your story, right. A lot of people, you know, if you’re a humble guy, right, which a lot of people are humble, right. So humble that they’re afraid to tell their story, right.

00:15:44 Benny Fisher
And that’s not actually good because you got to get your message out. NBC News isn’t coming to your office to do a piece on you. And if they do, it’s usually going to be about a bad story. It’s not going to be a good story. So you know you’re going to have to tell, you’re going to have to be your own media company.

00:15:56 Benny Fisher
And the best way to do that in the most effective way and cost effective way is like for instance Facebook, you know and and most of your consumers are still on Facebook And I built this company on Facebook and I use my own personal my personal page. I didn’t, I mean I had a big fish contracting you know business page but nobody goes to the business pages because Facebook doesn’t allow that to get out to the people as much. So I used Benny Fisher on Facebook and just told people I was doing no, I didn’t overwhelm them, right. It’s, you know, kind of like Gary says jab, jab, jab. Right.

00:16:23 Benny Fisher
OK. It was like, hey, you know, show a picture of my baby. I’m going to the Pittsburgh sports game. I’m going on vacation and I saw something really cool. I give him some value and then I’ll.

00:16:33 Benny Fisher
By the way, hey, we’re at a customer’s house today. We’re doing this roof project. Check out what misses Jones House is going to look like. You know, it’s it’s it’s just being just being a good human and and and showing people what you’re up to. Because you know, if people don’t want to buy a roof every day, they don’t want to buy a garage door every day, right?

00:16:48 Benny Fisher
Garage doors, right. Probably what, once every 10 years maybe and they got to have service, what, every couple years you’re probably got a little bit more repeat business than I get. But like for roofs, I mean it’s 20-30 years before I’ll ever see those people again. So I can’t just pump them with like, hey roof, roof roof, roof, roof all day because 97% of the people aren’t ready to buy from me.

00:17:09 Matthew Kuehlhorn
That’s right. That’s right. So if I’m in to extract any like tidbits there it’s a get going and just share components of the personal along with some of the professional.

00:17:24 Benny Fisher
Yeah, educate, entertain, and.

00:17:27 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Educate and entertain.

00:17:28 Benny Fisher
Yeah, educate, entertain, try not to sell anything. Try the the the least salesy you come across in your in your marketing. You know, we call that big brand, big time macro brand awareness. That’s what’s going to drive that. You know, you use Google ads and use ad advertisements to like maybe sell.

00:17:46 Benny Fisher
But when you’re, when you’re developing brand awareness ads, try not to be like, you know, hey, $500 off, you know, we’ll get you a roof today, you know, or you know, call me up, I’ll give you $100 off of a service call. It’s just sounds too thirsty. I call that Commission breath. You know, you don’t have Commission breath in the marketing message. So like marketing and sales are two distinct departments.

00:18:05 Benny Fisher
The problem is because most small businesses, they don’t have a marketing department. So like they’re usually a sales guy trying to learn how to market and you you got to it’s it’s hard. You almost got to become two different people and you have to think of it in two different ways. Marketing is a lot softer, right. It’s not as hard.

00:18:20 Benny Fisher
Sales is a little bit more focused and hard, right. And so there’s got, you got to draw delineation between that and that’s tough for most people especially because most people don’t know anything about marketing. They just they see marketing and they think they can just copy that. But if they don’t really truly understand it. And then you know that’s why I love, you know, working with Joseph Hughes at Contractor Dynamics.

00:18:41 Benny Fisher
You know they’re a marketing training firm in the roofing industry specifically. We only train entrepreneurs and their marketing managers on how to understand marketing. We don’t do it for them. We just we just try to educate them on brand awareness and marketing and ads and and and all the differences because there really is no courses are really good curriculum out there. It’s kind of like everyone’s just copying what they see and trying a bunch of stuff.

00:19:04 Benny Fisher
Blow a million dollars, 500,000 of them might be good, 500,000 you probably just put down the the toilet and keep learning like that. But that’s not very efficient, ’cause there’s guys that have done it before, right. And I’ve made a lot of mistakes in marketing. You know, I’ve, I’ve paid those prices and so now it’s my mission to kind of help other guys and other contractors how to avoid some of those pitfalls, to try to just kind of steer them in the right direction. Because you know their message can still be unique, but the methods are not that unique.

00:19:31 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, no, I love the distinction here, Benny, ’cause I’m hearing the brand is this emotional feeling. Marketing is utilizing emotional intelligence and empathy to communicate that emotion. Sales is the tactical, logical. Here’s my pricing. There’s where the decimal point goes.

00:19:48 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Here’s how we transact on the deal.

00:19:50 Benny Fisher
Yep, exactly. Yeah. Marketing is just the the, the the machine or the act of promoting the brand.

00:19:58 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, yeah.

00:20:00 Benny Fisher
And like the the business, the business of brand promotion.

00:20:03 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Love it, Benny. What drives you? What inspires you? What pops you out of bed in these mornings?

00:20:11 Benny Fisher
To be the best version of myself, because I know and I’m the best version of myself. I’m going to make the biggest impact on people and I believe that we’re all have a purpose on this earth. And I, and I believe it’s first of all that get to know who we are, so that way we can live our own authentic life full of enthusiasm and energy and to be able to inspire others to be able to do the same, so that way we can all live in a better place.

00:20:34 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I love that. Where does that come from?

00:20:36 Benny Fisher

00:20:38 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Love it in your career. It seems as though you have this really cool opportunity in transition. You are exploring EOS as an implementer and assisting others. You’re coming from this space of of serving others, whether it’s customers or entrepreneurs and you formed a a mastermind group and I want to hear a little bit about that and also go into like what is around the corner, what are you excited for in the future?

00:21:13 Benny Fisher
Yeah. So I mean I’ve been, I’ve been blessed. You know I followed that EOS model and you know I read that book Rocket Fuel. And it really helped me understand the differences between like the skill sets that I have as a visionary versus like you know what an operator skill sets are. And you know, and I and then they say you got to get out of your own way, right.

00:21:30 Benny Fisher
You got to delegate and elevate, you know because if you if you don’t, you’re going to be doing everything and your company’s not going to grow and then you’re also going to be miserable because you can’t do it all and you’re going to want to do it all because you have that a driven gene. So over the last, you know I’ve been out of the day-to-day at Big Fish for about a a year and a half coming up on two years in April. And so partnered up with Joseph Hughes who’s doing that marketing training, education. So I facilitate group coaching calls for his high ticket people in that, in that in that group the marketing training program. And then me and him also just founded a mastermind as well, a mastermind called the Arena.

00:22:07 Benny Fisher
And we plan on making it the number one. And it’s for all contractors. See, Contractor Dynamics, their marketing program is just for roofers only. Well, what was happening is Joe had such a great personal brand like everybody who knows who Joe is, but like, you know you might be in the garage door business and you know, we don’t, we can’t help you as a client, you know. And and so like I told Joe, I said, man, you got this great personal brand.

00:22:28 Benny Fisher
I said we got to help these guys not just with roofing marketing tactics. I said like we need to help these guys with their business life. I said these guys want, they got questions, they need, they want community, They want to know where all the good guys are, right? I’ve been a part of a lot of good masterminds and bad masterminds. And I was like, you know what?

00:22:43 Benny Fisher
Let’s just build our own mastermind, the best of our ability, all the good stuff that we’ve seen, you know, we’ll make sure that we have none of that bad stuff. And so we started in November. We already have over 30 people in our group, and that’s growing. I think we’re gonna probably have over 100 by the end of the year. We plan on having some events and we’re just having a good time.

00:23:01 Benny Fisher
You know, we’re bringing in special guest speakers, you know, ’cause we know a bunch of different people in the industry and and outside the industry and we can, we can add a lot of value there where like you know, a lot of people don’t have the money or the don’t want to go spend time at conferences and events. We can kind of kind of bring that to you virtually. So you can still kind of have that feel and drip it out over a year, right. And not not just like, you know, go, you know, me and you’ve been to a lot of conferences, you go there 2-3 days, you’re like overwhelmed with all this information. You can’t even implement it all and then you lose track with your buddies there, right?

00:23:31 Benny Fisher
Like this is the first time I’ve talked to you since I saw you at Econ really, except in the in the chat. So it’s like, you know, if we’re in the groups together, we’re seeing each other on a more consistent basis where we can form longer term relationships because entrepreneurship was really lonely and and it was lonely for me. I can tell you that in 2017, I almost died of a fentanyl overdose because I was doing drugs to be able to try to keep it all together, right. My business was going good. I was trying to become a better dad and I was been, but inside I was full of pain because I didn’t have the systems and processes.

00:24:00 Benny Fisher
I didn’t know who I was and I was trying to be all these different things, all these different people and I was breaking down inside and so but God saved my life again, right. He, he gave me another chance and I was like what? I said what is it about me that the God wants me to do it. I just, I got closer to him and I found those answers and it’s really to help people not have to go through that pain and any pain that they have you know let’s transform that pain into purpose. And and that’s what I really love to do.

00:24:23 Benny Fisher
You know, the marketing, the branding, the sales, the the EOS, the business, what we do. That’s all just a trick man. Like this is all words also on personal development and and entrepreneurship is a great way to to to to personally develop right? Because you can have, you can build a team of people around you to help you.

00:24:41 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yes. So good man. I love that. Love the mission. I love the clarity.

00:24:48 Matthew Kuehlhorn
It’s on point. All right. How do people get a hold of you? If we’re interested in the mastermind, if we’re interested in just connecting with Benny, where do we find you? How do we learn more?

00:25:03 Benny Fisher

00:25:06 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Right on, easy enough.

00:25:09 Benny Fisher
Yeah, yeah. You go to, you’ll see, you’ll see the arena in there under organizations. You’ll see the podcast under podcast. If you want to book me as a speaker, you’ll see that I haven’t officially been through the EOS boot camp. I you mentioned about being an implementer.

00:25:28 Benny Fisher
You know I’m going to be the opening keynote speaker at the EOS Conference this year which is like a this crazy dream it manifested thing that came to to fruition. I, you know they called me out of the blue and I was just like wow I said I can’t even believe this is happening. And you know Gina Wickman’s the closing keynote speaker which is like a amazing human being. And and then I just started thinking about it and I was like, man, I said like the you know the contractor dynamics thing the mastermind the the the group coaching. You know I spent about you know maybe 10 hours a week doing that you know and and people want my help.

00:26:01 Benny Fisher
Like I love, I want to go into other industries. I want to go help other leadership teams. I want to help visionaries break free. Right. I want to help integrators be able to learn how to deal with visionaries.

00:26:09 Benny Fisher
Right. Because that’s a skill, right. Because it’s hard to deal with us visionaries, right. I want to be able to help visionaries wives, right. Like my wife has a has a has a passion to be able to do that because like it’s hard to deal with us.

00:26:20 Benny Fisher
You know, I’m sure your wife, you know, your wife probably knows.

00:26:24 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:26:24 Benny Fisher
And so we almost need a form of a women’s support group for all the all the visionaries, right? Because like, that’s a real thing. And yeah, and I just want everybody to be healthy, that’s all.

00:26:37 Matthew Kuehlhorn
So good man. I’m really excited to see you in V Con and in another few months it’s it’s late this year, August.

00:26:45 Benny Fisher
I’m glad man. It gives me some more time to like get some other stuff done because May comes up quick. I I have a busy schedule. So I’m actually glad. For me personally, I’m loving that it’s in August and I’m I’m still glad that it’s before school starts.

00:26:57 Benny Fisher
That way I can bring my boy, even though it’s during football. See, that’s the other problem. Football starts. He’s going to have to miss a week of football. But I I I told him, I said you want to go to V Con.

00:27:06 Benny Fisher
He’s like, Oh yeah, Dad, he’s like, we’re going to V Con.

00:27:08 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I was going to ask you if he’s covered again. That’s awesome.

00:27:11 Benny Fisher
So good I’m bringing the whole family, man, because that is a that is a family affair. That is, that is an amazing place to find good humans.

00:27:18 Matthew Kuehlhorn
It is, and I think we might have three generations. I might bring my dad in so real quick aside.

00:27:23 Benny Fisher
Is he going to wear a matching suit?

00:27:24 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I’m going to have to make him. I mean, he’s going to have to. So real quick aside, we’ll wrap this conversation up. But when I was my boys age 11/12/13, my dad took me backpacking. He doesn’t have a real backpacking ground.

00:27:39 Matthew Kuehlhorn
So we’ve got three years of just hilarious stories as we’re learning how to go backpacking. And it was this coming of age kind of experience. And so when I saw V Con and V friends drop, I was like, all right, this is our version, our next generation with my boy Tosh and I. And so this will be our third year. And yeah, I invited the old man.

00:28:00 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And if he’s showing up, he’s in a white suit and we’ll represent again. And so good, so good.

00:28:07 Benny Fisher
I’m looking forward to that. Yeah, you got you and your dad should do a little mini podcast on all the backpacking stories.

00:28:14 Matthew Kuehlhorn
It would be. All right. Done. Done. All right, Betty, let’s wrap this up.

00:28:22 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I’ll include your website and and contact details in our show notes. Again, brother, I really appreciate the clarity you have on your mission, your drive and passion. I can feel it. I see it and I just honor it. So thank you for your time today.

00:28:36 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I’m excited to get our story out and we’ll talk to you very soon.

00:28:41 Benny Fisher