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The Popular Walnut Garage Door With Windows

One of our more popular design reuests is the Walnut WoodGrain garage door finish. This is our Premium Door package which includes powdercoated track and a lifestime manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware.

Customizations and different color options available.

The Aspen Series Garage Door

The flagship model of the Raynor Aspen Series is the elegant AP200. Beautiful and
strong, the Aspen AP200 is 2” thick and features Raynor’s NeuFoam™ polyurethane
insulation that fills 100% of the interior cavity resulting in an 18.0 R-value.

All premium package doors include full Operator Reinforcement Bracket, Top Panel Heavy Duty
Strut, and heavy duty EPDM Rubber.

*Includes Endurcoated track for lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Sommer 2060 Evo+

We’ve use the Sommer Evo+ series as the top performing garage door opener.

Direct drive technology with one moving part for maximum force and longevity
Soft start and stop on a variable curve ramp.

Dynamic force and speed settings automatically adjust over time for changing
door and environmental conditions to optimize safety and operation.

Operator actively pushes in the closed direction during attempted break-in.

Colorado Garage Door Installation

We travel along the Mountains in Colorado to install.

Includes our white glove installation of double-car garage door.

Customizations and color changes available.


Garage Door with Installation Pricing

Double-car garage door, tracks, motor, opener, with installation at standard height.


We’d love to customize this and show you all the options. Contact us today!