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Garage Door Repair in Grand Junction

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#1 Garage Door Opener Repair in Grand Junction

This small machine is the brain of your garage door, controlling every task and making your daily routine convenient. 

We always take care of it as a die-hard priority because most issues come from this little guy. Here are signs your garage door opener needs some fixings:

  • Your garage door gets stuck.
  • Your opener is on, but your garage door isn’t moving.
  • The door opens or closes on its own.
  • It starts to close and then reverses.
  • The door keypad or the remote control doesn’t work.

Our skilled technician will figure out these defects with thorough inspections and give you an explanation right away. 

We focus on making your opener work smoothly and giving you peace of mind.

Customer review: “Kooler Garage Door is an outstanding company. The techs arrived promptly as promised and performed diagnostics very quickly.

 I was offered 2 options for repair to my broken door opener. They had all the tools and parts necessary to get the job done in one visit. Highly recommend!”

  • Wanda Bearth.

Trusty Replacement for Your Garage Door Spring 

Here comes another vital part of your garage door that you might consider upgrading. The spring is the muscle to move your garage door up and down. 

It lasts about 8-10 years if you use the door frequently. 

Long-time technicians recommend not replacing it by yourself because the broken spring can’t hold tension properly. So, the door might slam shut abruptly and cause serious injuries.

For your safety, let our specialists perform their job and give you the smoothest replacement. 

You can have us right away when joining our Golden Key Club with annual inspections and being on our priority list.

Customer review: “My garage door failed on Monday. Kooler showed up Tuesday. Needed a new spring (broken clear through) and cables. Worked hard and got the job done. Works great now.”

First-Rate Garage Door Installation in Grand Junction

A new garage door is 100% a wise investment because you might not appreciate frequent repairs. 

Our skilled installers are International Door Association Certified and have worked efficiently with Gunnison County and Grand Junction communities.

You can customize your door and show it off to your guests. A garage door is the house’s face; you should be its artist.

Our experts choose Raynor Garage Doors as a reliable brand to bring you long-lasting items.

We readily offer the following:

  • Cedar and Barn Wood Overlay Garage Doors
  • Patinaed Steel Overlay Garage Doors – with zero fasteners
  • Custom Painted Garage Doors

The Kooler Garage Doors team is specially trained to offer the most suitable option for your house.

Commercial Garage Door Service

You call, and Kooler gets it done!

We offer a 25-point inspection to understand your commercial door’s system and applications (such as makes and models)

Kooler makes the difference: We’re the only overhead door company with International Door Association Certified technicians in the Valley.

Our specialists recommend a complimentary tagging inspection if you have two or more commercial doors. We’ll have onsite inspections while naming and storing door details in our database.

This service also ensures you always have unique items in stock. 

Your convenience harmonizes with our expertise. 

Customer review: “They could have easily sold me a new door, but fixed mine instead. Fast, friendly and fair! I can’t imagine a better experience; thanks to Matt and the rest of the Kooler team!”

  • Travis Colbert.

Where are we located? 

Business Address:

  • Name: Kooler Garage Doors
  • Address: 811 N Main St, Gunnison, CO 81230
  • Phone Number: 970-596-3696

Grand Junction Is a Fun Zone.

Grand Junction—the biggest city in western Colorado— is a tourist attraction with recreational sites for mountain biking, hiking, and river rafting. With over 20 wineries, this beautiful place is also famous in the wine industry. 

Grand Junction residents are proud to witness many annual festivals and events; the most prominent one is Country Jam Music Festival. If you’re looking for a jolly time, this city is a no-brainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I repair a garage door by myself?

Answer: No, and we say NO for your safety. Torsion springs and other garage door elements can cause serious injury. When a broken spring can’t hold tension properly, the door might exert a powerful force unexpectedly. 

Plus, improper garage door repairs might create technical problems that cost you lots of money to buy new tools and potential replacements.

Bottom line: let our certified technicians take care of it. Budget-saving and you’re free from worries.

  1. How much is a garage door repair?

As a whole, Colorado ranges from $50-$500.

The price might vary widely based on the problem details and other specifications. We ensure a realistic plan accordingly to your budget and desires.

Let’s hash it over and give us a chance to offer your optimal solution.

No sale pitch and only precision from our professional team.

  1. How do I know if I need a garage door replacement?

This is a great question that we encourage customers to ask. Here are signs you need a new garage door installation:

  • Safety problems: Openers, remotes, locks, door sensors, and other core parts require too-frequent repairs
  • Many noises or shakings when opening and closing the door
  • Your garage door still gets stuck after fixings
  • Your electricity bills increase ridiculously
  • It takes much time to close and open the door

Your problems say NO, but we’ll do a YES with skilled technicians.

  1. What is the average life of garage door springs?

Generally, the springs last for about 8-10 years if you use the garage door frequently. 

Sometimes cold or humid weather can reduce the lifespan, causing rust and wear to its metal. If you have a heavy door (over 350 lbs), ensure your springs have the correct specifications to hold the door’s force. 

You can save much research time by calling adept technicians to inspect the situation and give you the choicest solution.

  1. What is the difference between a commercial garage door and a residential garage door?

The key difference is the size. The residential garage door usually features a 7-foot height but can vary depending on your needs.

Meanwhile, the commercial one is typically taller due to loading and unloading demands. This kind is pricy but gives you more convenience.

For a thorough answer, contact our verified specialist to tell us your garage door details, and we’ll give you helpful suggestions.

After scheduling a visit, our technician will show up on time, complete the service, and get the door fixed or moved within two hours.

One Click to Solve Your Problems

Why spend so much time searching out while having loads of businesses to care for? 

Rack up your FREE QUOTE now to enjoy the first-rate repair for your garage door.

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