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Garage Doors Crested Butte

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Garage Doors for Crested Butte, Colorado

Kooler Garage Doors was born and raised in Gunnison, CO and we are proud to serve Crested Butte and the mountain with professional garage door repair. We’re heavily invested in our community, proudly sponsoring Living Journeys, Western State University’s Athletics, the Crested Butte Arts, and multiple youth and community events. When you’re wondering who’s local to reach out to for garage door repair in Crested Butte, think Kooler Garage Doors.

Garage Service Packages for Spring Repairs, Openers, and more

When you book a garage door service with Kooler you’ll be sent a Buyers Guide – this outlines our service packages ahead of time for you to begin educating yourself on the various options available.

Kooler Garage Doors will always offer choices. There is no ‘one fix’ for garage door repair and the fact is, your family your use, and your dreams all play into how you might decide to proceed with repairs and replacements. Our options will range from the quicker, band-aid fixes to the premium — let’s make sure you never have to write a check again – style fixes.

Some things to understand when meeting with one of our technicians in Crested Butte. We’re going to get to know you. And we honor the fact you’ve called us and that you’re making a decision to care for your home and family. We will take the time with you to best understand your needs and desires.

WestWall Lodge

Why we love our area

On the southeast corner of our building lives the Kool Hands Project. This mural installment was put into place by Jennifer Vanetta and showcases hands that cast shadows – representing the hands of community members and how we influence each other with our actions. Hands are an extension of our hearts and this installment is a tribute to our community and all the hands that have touched us now and in the future.

Most Common Garage Door Repairs in Crested Butte Colorado

A garage door is made out of many complex mechanisms, gears, and parts. As with anything mechanical, parts wear out after extensive use and will eventually need repair or replacement. The most common reasons we see broken garage doors are because of springs and openers. Broken garage door springs and malfunctioning openers tend to leave you with a stuck garage door, putting a wrench in your day.

To provide your garage door repair Crested Butte CO quickly, our trained technicians stay up-to-date with all kinds of garage door problems. From repairing garage door springs to fixing electrical problems with garage door openers, we will work quickly to restore your overhead door to full function. Whatever problem you are encountering with your garage door, contact us today and we will fix it in no time. 

Why You Should Choose US

Our technicians are background checked and certified. We trust our team in our own homes and with our children.

You’ll find we arrive clean, branded, and ready to serve.

We’ll always offer you choices with price ranges and we don’t charge a fee to simply show up and add value with information.

Love us or don’t hire us. It’s that simple.