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Mastering the Art of Home Trade Businesses with Al Levi on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #53

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On this episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, Matt sits down with Al Levi, owner of 7 Power Contractor. Coming from New York City and born into the trades, he knew he was going into the family business. Now, all he wants to do is help people succeed in these trade businesses. Al discussed various training techniques that tend to throttle the overall performance of a company and he goes over ways to mitigate these issues through his “operating manuals” for all home trades. Al goes on to relay the message of “there’s no shortage of ideas, there’s a shortage of ideas implemented”. He explains that a lot of the time, a business owner is stretched too thin when trying to work for perfection and instead motions toward the idea of implementing an idea 80% of the way to perfection and build onto the final 20% as it’s life goes on.

Mayor Anna Stout’s Inspiring Journey in Grand Junction on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #52

Welcome to Pod 51 of the Koolers Lifestyle podcast, hosted by Matthew Kuehlhorn. In this episode, we have the honor of sitting down with Anna Stout, the Mayor of Grand Junction and CEO of Roice-Hurst Humane Society. Join us as we delve into Anna’s remarkable journey from growing up in Grand Junction to finding her passion for the town, and how her experiences, including a life-changing trip to El Salvador, shaped her into the inspiring leader she is today. Discover Anna’s dedication to creating opportunities for community members, her commitment to addressing homelessness through innovative housing projects, and her invaluable contributions to running a humane society. Don’t miss this empowering conversation that showcases the incredible impact one person can make in a community.

Discovering the Power of Soft Knowing with Samantha Schmuck on the Koolers Lifestyle Podcast #51

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In this episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, Matt has a deeply insightful conversation with Samantha Schmuck. She is the CEO and founder of Revived Living, a holistic life and embodiment coach. She discusses her painful upbringing, living with inflammation throughout her body with seemingly no solution until she really understood how the body heals. She then goes on to describe a common phenomenon she refers to as a ‘soft knowing’ that has helped her navigate life in many ways. Sam offers tools to reduce stress and process emotions as well as a safe space to help you feel less alone in your healing journey.

Building Wealth and Making Multi-Millionaires: Lance Bachmann’s Inspiring Story on the KLP #50!

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n this episode of the Koolers Lifestyle Podcast, host Matthew Kuehlhorn sits down with Lance Bachmann, the founder of LB Capital, for an inspiring conversation. Lance shares his remarkable journey from poverty to financial freedom, highlighting his passion for making as many multi-millionaires as possible. With an authentic perspective on life, Lance emphasizes the importance of quality time over quantity time with loved ones. If you’re seeking financial independence or looking for partnership opportunities, don’t miss this insightful interview with Lance Bachmann.

Improving Mental Health & Productivity with Anthony Poponi on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #49

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In this episode of the Koolers Lifestyle podcast, join host Matt Kuehlhorn as he delves into the incredible journey of Anthony Poponi, a renowned professional speaker and workplace consultant. From his humble beginnings in South Jersey to his current role in Oregon, Anthony shares his insights on mental health, workplace dynamics, and the power of positive thinking. Discover how Anthony’s unique blend of humor, perspective, and stand-up comedy has transformed lives and improved work environments. Dive deep into the science of happiness and gain valuable strategies for fostering a positive and fulfilling attitude in your own life and career. Don’t miss this conversation with Anthony Poponi!

How WCU is Making Higher Education Accessible for Adults on The Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #48

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In this episode of the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, host Matthew Kuehlhorn sits down with Dr. Terry Shliesman, Program Director of Adult Degree Completion and Professor of Communication Arts at Western Colorado University. Dr. Shliesman shares his personal journey from struggling student to successful educator, highlighting the impact of one inspiring professor. They also discuss Western’s innovative Adult Degree Completion program, which allows adults to finish their degree online and at a heavily discounted tuition rate. If you’re someone who’s been thinking about going back to school, this conversation is not to be missed!

Surviving Divorce: Tips & Tricks from Sarah Armstrong’s book on the Koolers Lifestyle Podcast #47

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Divorce is a difficult and emotional process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this episode of the Koolers Lifestyle podcast, host Matthew Kuehlhorn sits down with Sarah Armstrong, a marketing expert who has worked for Coca Cola and Google, and author of ‘The Moms Guide To A Good Divorce’. Sarah shares her own experience with divorce and offers valuable advice to those going through it themselves. Learn how to navigate the legal and emotional aspects of divorce, find out how to cope with change, and discover how to move forward with positivity and grace. Don’t miss this episode of the Koolers Lifestyle podcast

The Importance of creating content with Mandeep Bhalla on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #46

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Join Matt Kuehlhorn on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast as he learns about Mandeep Bhalla, Owner/CEO of Grow Nearby, a digital marketing solution for small local home services companies such as plumbers, HVAC, and electricians. He is also the host of his own podcast, Born For The Trades, a home service podcast! Growing up in India, Mandeep was fond of helping his father with various construction trades and projects, and later on, after coming to the US in 2015, connected the dots and realized that he was born for the trade. Treating his clients like family is all but normal for him now as he strategically works to direct business toward those who need it. Mandeep puts a large emphasis on content creation on all sorts of social media channels, whereas you’re more likely to get business if your brand is consistently uploading text, pictures, or video content. He stresses it doesn’t matter what people might think of the content, as long as they understand your story through your brand and they are consistently seeing evidence of that story.

Discover the Power of Dance and Meditation with Adge Lindsey on Koolers Lifestyle Podcast #45

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In this episode of the Koolers Lifestyle Podcast, host Matthew Kuehlhorn interviews Adge Lindsey, a dance and meditation teacher from Philadelphia who has traveled the world to share her passion for holistic teaching. Adge shares her journey from Philly to Nicaragua, where she now resides, and how she fell in love with dance and meditation at a young age. She discusses her unique approach to teaching, which integrates mindfulness and meditation to help her students connect with their bodies and achieve overall wellness. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired!

How Grand Junction is becoming a hub for innovation – an interview with Curtis Englehart! KLP #44

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In this episode of the Koolers Lifestyle podcast, host Matthew Kuehlhorn speaks with Curtis Englehart, the Executive Director of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP). They discuss how Grand Junction, Colorado, has overcome economic challenges in the past and is now becoming a hub for innovation and growth. Curtis shares his journey from growing up in Delta, Colorado, to his current role in helping the city of Grand Junction flourish. If you’re interested in learning about economic development and entrepreneurship then be sure to check out this episode!