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Unlock the Power of GetSome Lubricant with Shannon Hutto on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast Ep 23

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00:00:00 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Use it for my mountain bikes and my Tony bikes and chains. And you know I’m imagining now, so back in the day. All the old school garage doors, you know, we’ve got springs up there and they’re really old school guys would actually use like old motor oil to lubricate those springs. But we’re also in shop spaces, we’re in garages which can be really dusty and if there’s any kind of wood shop going on, I mean that just gloms up into these high build lithium and oils and. What I’ve what I’ve seen in the field and what I’m hearing is that this gets someone 1000 is not doing that. It’s just going to play really clean and keep the moving parts moving well, but not attract a bunch of the goop. That can happen. Welcome to the Kooler Lifestyle podcast. I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn, and I’m excited to have you join me as I interview community members and business leaders from the communities in which I live, work and serve through my business Kooler garage doors we’re going to bring you. highlights on characters in our communities. Why? Because Community matters, and I want to know more about who is behind our business and leadership in order to understand and support the Community fabric that our relationships make up. And collectively, we can build stronger communities that support our lifestyles, our youth, and our health. Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is the Kooler lifestyle podcast. I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn today. I’m so excited for this conversation. We have Shannon Hutto, president of get some products. Now this is unique in the sense that Shannon lives down in Florida, but I wanted to bring him on because we use this garage door lubricant all the time and it’s pretty unique along with Shannon’s story. Shannon, how are you?

00:01:57 Shannon Hutto
I’m doing outstanding. About how are you doing?

00:01:59 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I’m doing so good. Thanks so much for your time today. I’ve already enjoyed our first few minutes of conversation. Where did you grow up, my friend?

00:02:10 Shannon Hutto
Born and raised in Orlando, FL, that’s a little small town outside of Disney down here. And Yep, I I was raised, you know. Than a great household I I was involved in sports and such and grew up playing football and and I went to college playing football and in the Old Town Alabama and got my Commission in the Army and. The nine years there and then got out and got into real estate, some bold of that. And in Florida and Georgia I’m a licensed broker and. Then throughout my life, I worked with my father. Manufacturing business. You manufactured lubricants and. At a product called Super Slick back in the day.

00:02:57 Matthew Kuehlhorn
The right on.

00:02:58 Shannon Hutto
That was pretty neat, though, because my father was one of the first guys to private label that for the garage door. And the and the. So that’s how we got into the garage door business of knowing yeah yourself all over the country. All over the world. That was called Super Slick and then he private label it called it high tech Garage door live. So you know my I’ve got a great life. List of two my my brother Shaws also worked with the company, and then I have my youngest, my oldest son Shane, who is also working with us. He’s third generation. So this is awesome. It’s pretty neat. I’m actually talking to you from the building that my dad built 1978 and in Longwood, FL to to package and and sell the the product that we talked about. And now we’re back in that business and starting in 2012 with a product called get some 1000 and it’s just said me, you know as we got it back out there, we reached back out to the garage door world and they embraced it and then they started asking us to private label it. And we started doing that too. So yeah, yeah. Not to bore you with any intimate details, but that’s pretty quick. Been in and out of the long time.

00:04:13 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, no.

00:04:14 Shannon Hutto
This is this is pulling back in.

00:04:19 Matthew Kuehlhorn
This is so good. So family, family, business, all America, I mean for sure. And lubrication now. I don’t remember how I found get some. It was probably through just asking our network of other garage door dealers as we were looking for a good lubricant in the private label is also of interest to us.

00:04:40 Luke
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00:05:19 Matthew Kuehlhorn
But tell us a little bit about your lubrication and why it’s unique for homeowners and businesses.

00:05:26 Shannon Hutto
Sure, sure. Well, I guess it starts with my father, Ernie Hutto. Back in 19, early 1970s, when I was just a baby, he was always looking for products that could fit a need, you know, seals. He says a lot. They’ll find a need, fill a need. And back then there was he was looking for a lubricant that he could sell to his customers. That was different. And what was on the market? Like a WD, so he. Port Pat Patton are actually partnered with a A guy out of NASA and they came up with a product called Slick 2000 and then read the label to it. Called Super Slick, which is what a lot of people know my father today, which is this product of the year and and then as he moved down the road, he got involved with the garage door guys. And as he was going to some of these shows like Doda and stuff back in the day, it sounds like in fly back they started those associations and. He came up with a product called High Tech Garage door LID, which is basically a private label of the garage door, the Super slick, and then we move forward through those years. That technology has changed. Uh, the old super slick is a petrochemical business and you know, so you have to put things in it to cover the odor, like lamb lane and stuff to. O as the things, as things have changed. For instance, like in California, not too far from you, they’ve got 165 on the books out there, which is trying to eliminate all the high VOC products where they don’t want anything apparating into the environment causing acid rains and stuff like stuff like that. So they’re trying to eliminate all the old technology, including my dad’s old product. So he again with the old find a need, fill a need, he says. Well, we need to come up with something that. Will not only be VOC compliant but also non-toxic. Because of the big companies out there today I have realized that it’s a liability. Now I have to. You know, not only sell these, but you require their employees to use them. And so they want something that they can offer that is not as good or better than the old technology, but meets and exceeds all the new standards. So much developed a product in 2012 called get some. And we didn’t know what to name it, but it kind of came from a funny my brother and I were going to a trade show, and I’m writing as fast as I can, and I’m just, you know what? And he was saying everybody wants something that works and needs something that’s good. And I wrote down once. Who needs some? And with a question mark? And then I said how about get some, you know, that’s an exclamation. You know, it’s a called action. It says you want something, get something. OK, you need something, get something. So we came back and told my dad and he was like, oh, that’s sad. Yeah, let’s run with it. What happened? And then we have one of our sales guys balls up one day because we only had the one product and he says no, this stuff does like 1000 things. I was like yeah, we don’t because Dad was coming out with a heavy duty version called Extreme Extreme and we said why don’t we just call it get some 1000 and the name stuck and so then we shortened it to GS1000 for you commercial guys. And so that’s kind of the, I guess the, the, the how we got to where we are today.

00:08:50 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah. It’s just this is so good and yeah, you know, just reading. I love this because it’s registered for food processing areas. It’s non-toxic, non static, non staining. I mean I could go on and on, it won’t dry out or wash off with water. What is this stuff?

00:09:10 Shannon Hutto
Well, as we like to tell you the 11 herbs and spices, I can’t tell you what’s in it, but I can tell you what not. Some, yeah, you have here. And what’s not in our product is what’s in everything else when you actually develop something that was designed to displace water, which is a WD product, right. Yeah, you can use products that displace water, kerosene, mineral spirits, things of that nature. Problem is it displaces it, but at the same time they’re what we call hygroscopic. They actually attract moisture as they evaporate. If you left the gas can in your garage or you’ve got a boat that sits out all season and what do you get in the gas tank? Get water or where does that come from? Comes from the product evaporating and then there’s it evaporates. That attracts moisture. The unique thing about get some is it’s non hygroscopic. It doesn’t attract moisture because there’s no solvents in it in the solvent neutral. It is a true lubricant. It’s a blend of different types of oils that are all machine oils that are food grade and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and then we put additives in there like anti corrosive additive according to some of our tests, 19 times better than the WD products. We also put an anti wear additive. That’s a big thing too because you want something that reduces friction right garage door industry, you want stuff that’s going to keep it from. Squeaking and things of that nature, well, they hold. Knology was a PTFE Petro tetrafluoroethylene, right, which is also known as Teflon. Those are not good for you and they’re they found them now a long time ago but they continue to put it in products this that we don’t put Teflon in our product either. We have a high high pressure antifriction additive my dad helped develop that is in our product. So you get all the benefits but you don’t have any of the bad from the old ways the old products and not to mention we our product doesn’t have any odor which is also unique. My dad’s technology a lot of them they had to put a masking. Region in the product like the LAMALINE which is a derivative of of citrus. It’s smells like citrus. Problem is it’s highly flammable. The number 2 for every person that enjoys the smell of it, there’s ten people that can’t stand it. My dad, when we used to make it in the plant and had some of the girls in the office had to leave because it would give them headaches. So we chose not to put that in our product also. Therefore, we’re allowed to get the H1 food grade certification. So for yourself, your customers, your employees, it doesn’t stink, it doesn’t smell, there’s no odor if the dog licks it up, if it gets on them or when they’re skin. It doesn’t hurt him. The other side of it is we also use no plant based whales. A lot of profit. Lot of companies out there moved away from petroleum. But then they they just jumped into another whole problem with basing their product and plant based oils with those as they go rancid. Rancid wills actually smell and then they grow microbes, bacteria and other thing, which is a big issue now.

00:12:22 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:12:23 Shannon Hutto
You know, issue we’ve done with over the last couple of years. Yeah, some old ohh tested by some of the government of facilities that doesn’t grow microbes, bacteria or viruses. So there’s another benefit. It’s also safe. You know, some people are allergic to like soybean and soy oils and stuff like that. Our product is also what they call non halogenic. There’s nothing there that will make you break out in rashes and stuff. A lot of big words for big old mouth, but it’s good that you guys know what you’re getting into, you’re using it.

00:12:59 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, yeah. And it’s really important I mean for for customers, for homeowners. I mean what I’m hearing and and what I’ve known why we brought it into our garage door company is because you know it’s, it really is about the pets the children. They’re the folks that enjoy that house, you know and and not being just. Integrate or you know? Abruptly, I don’t know what the word is, but the the smell is not there, right? And so it doesn’t smell like a chemical factory when we leave a garage kind of deal. We also go into commercial kitchen areas every now and then with garage doors or restaurants, more and more restaurants are putting full view garage doors in it because it’s really cool aesthetic, right. And this stuff plays well for those areas. So as far as consumers and. And business owners and you know, house owners, it’s important to know what trades are bringing in and there’s a number of toxic components out there and and this is not one of them. And I think that’s pretty cool. One question I want to ask you is, I’m sure you know this and I don’t know if it’s super, super clear yet, but you know the use of silicone and silicone sprays. Now we’ve been, we’ve been deterred from using those, especially in the garage door world. Y.

00:14:27 Shannon Hutto
Good question. Let’s just boil it down to the basic facts. Silicone was never. Ever developed to be a lubricant?

00:14:37 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:14:38 Shannon Hutto
OK, either was WD. It was never developed to be a lubricant. The DEVOTE designed to dry things out. Silicone was to even encapsulator. You encapsulate things to keep them from getting water on right moisture in that regards. If you’re using a hammer to drive in a screw you’re going to get good results. The answer is no. So yes, is it better than spit? Of course it is. But over time which welcome does is driving it collects dirt. Dust and yeah, it’ll it’ll lubricate initially, but it doesn’t do what you want it to do in the long term because it’s not designed to do what you’re using it for. Does that make sense?

00:15:16 Matthew Kuehlhorn
It does.

00:15:17 Shannon Hutto
You take something like get some. It is a true lubricant based with true lubricating oils with an anti wear additive in it. You’re going to get a different result. It’s going to last longer because it doesn’t evaporate. It’s going to hydraulic extremely well because it’s very thin, right? You don’t need a lot of it. That’s the thing a lot of our guys say and I we use this in different industries. I private label this and package it for fishing guys, gun guys and the fishing reel industry that we sold to, to guys that manufacture fishing reels. I said you know problem with your product is you don’t need to use a lot of little bit goes a long way well that’s benefit everybody assuming. So there’s the other side of it is just a little bit and let the product do what it’s supposed to do and it’s great cleaner too, it’ll penetrate. Pre microns in the metal for guys that love it, for guns, fishing reels that can go down many different uses but you know it’s it’s not just for garage doors so for you that’s right for your customer. Ah, it’s a great product for stainless steel. Spray it on, wipe it off of the napkin. Keeps the fingerprints from the little crumb snatchers around the house from all over your refrigerator and stuff. So we sell it to big hotel chains for that reason, to wipe down all the bright work and like in their elevators to keep everything nice and ready. Yeah. So yeah, it’s not 1000 uses, so that’s yeah.

00:16:47 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, I’ve heard that.

00:16:50 Shannon Hutto
Right, because it’s not only that is for certain industries and you called, you just hit it where you can’t walk into an automotive shop or Body Shop with silicone spray. They’ll, they’ll, they’ll knock it out of your hand because that stuff if it gets into the air and it’ll get on the surface of the the painted surface and they go to paint over, it’s called fish eye, it’ll fish eye. They don’t want silicone in the building. So our guys, you get some on the door and then they end up giving it, we’re selling it to the the automotive shop and they use it as air. Fuel oil because it’s phenomenal for that. We’ve got a garage door company in South Florida that uses 30 to 40 cases a month of our product to spray in their air tools because all the humidity we get in the line and with booger up the air tool and you got to ask three $4000 that go out have their air tools serving. That didn’t happen a little shot to get something in there. I put it on the shelf for six months. When they pull that thing down it’s ready to rock, ready rock and rolls there’s, there’s. Hopefully a short answer to your long question. Or vice versa.

00:17:54 Matthew Kuehlhorn
No, that’s that’s perfect man. And I’ve already, I’m taking notes because we do some really nice metal overlays and now I’m like yeah, we’re going to use this to clean that metal overlay as we deliver this into you know, the customer’s home. I’ve used it for my mountain bikes and my townie bikes and chains and you know I’m imagining now. So back in the day. Old old school garage doors, you know, we’ve got springs up there and they’re really old school guys would actually use like old motor oil to lubricate those springs. But we’re also in shop spaces, we’re in garages which can be really dusty and if there’s any kind of wood shop going on, I mean that just gloms up into these high build lithium and oils and. What I’ve what I’ve seen in the field and what I’m hearing is that this gets someone 1000 is not doing that. It’s just going to play really clean and keep the moving parts moving well, but not attract a bunch of the goop. That can happen.

00:18:59 Shannon Hutto
But. It was the one that is this world on static. Life goes on and one you usually we recommend and letting the door industry to spray a little bit on the hinge or not the hinges and locks but more portly the spring just to beat across the top and let it hydraulic all the way around and it will. I’ve got springs that I take to the idea that door association shows that are two and three years old that I can open up band and the product is still in there after been sitting in a box for two or three years and because of that it evaporates very slowly and then because it’s not attracting dirt or dust. You know it’s not gonna that’s what ends up wearing out bearings and stuff like that is all that all those impurities that get in there because they’re attracted by the you know the the grease never grease roars. I mean you guys know that my dad used to say they never greased the tree they don’t grease the track they grease the bearings and the rollers of the wheel and that’s where you can put the lubricant that’s we recommend that’s why our product has a little strong on it too but you get it where it needs to know that we making another applications little needle bottles that we. Sell to some of the big motorcycle dealers can’t mention we know whatever they use them on the cables for their then like you do on your bicep. It’s great for them so.

00:20:17 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, yeah. So good.

00:20:19 Shannon Hutto
It’s the thing about it, you know, we we take it to shows all the time and I’ll be in the booth. This is a product here, I’ll take it, spray in my hand, see how clear it is. Mother Sean. That they look at you like you have three eyes when they smelled in the world. Why? Why did that stink? You’re like no, because this does it, you know. Yeah, yeah. So it’s that’s what we love to do with our customers or potential customers because we said we talk about it all day long. But let me get it in your hand. Let me let you try it. And then we have a customer for life. And I’m only can hope that with supporting our door dealers like yourself that not only did she has as a branding tool for you but you can get this in your customer’s. Hands and give them something that’s unique that not only they can use on their door but they can use around the house and it’s going to do a better job than anything they’ve got. And so you’re, you’re providing an online service that you’re providing them with a product that is is far superior than that they’ve seen. And well I tell you what when you give something to somebody that worked they they’ll beat a path to your door and they’ll they’ll continue to call you. They’ll, they’ll appreciate you taking care of. There was a lot of people out there to use motor oil. For instance. But you know. I used to tell people all the time. If I walked into your office right now, I guarantee you’re not using the same computer that you used 30 years ago.

00:21:37 Matthew Kuehlhorn
That’s right.

00:21:38 Shannon Hutto
And they said, well, why is that? Because technology, it wouldn’t even keep up, right. Remember the old dial tone that you used to get by now it seems the 1000 megabytes per second would never fathom that 30 years ago. Well, do you think the difference in the lubrication world has changed? Yes, there’s new additives, there’s new oil, there’s new technology and that’s what we offer, we offer. The new latest and greatest, something that, according to the government, would exceeds all the standards for the next 30 years. That’s what we want to be in front of. We don’t want to be constantly running from the government taking this off the market. Happened to my dad’s. There you go that’s what we offer our love that love the fact that we’re we partner with guys like Kooler and and and you know different industries and to give them something that’s unique yeah something provide an offer to their customers.

00:22:31 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, I really appreciate the education in this. And as we get close to the end of our conversation here, Shannon, you mentioned, you know, staying ahead of the game 30 years, what what are we excited about going into the future?

00:22:44 Shannon Hutto
Well my father is always and myself too. We hear from you guys out there in the field and and and asking for hey do you have something that does this or.

00:22:53 Matthew Kuehlhorn
That and.

00:22:55 Shannon Hutto
If we hear that on an ongoing basis, we are seeking newer products that we can bring to the marketplace that will fill that, that will exceed the standard that what’s out there. And we’ve got some, we’ve asked been asked to have a product that might be a little thicker like a chain lubricant that might no one and hide this. Where you have what they call throw, where you have a chain spinning very fast and we want something that’s going to hold on there. We’re working on that as we speak.

00:23:25 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Janet, thank you so much for your time today. Really appreciate this conversation. The education’s awesome. And I’m just really glad to have made a connection with you.

00:23:37 Shannon Hutto
Absolutely. Same here, Matt. We look forward to working with you and many others, and we’re here for you. If you need us, you’ve got my private cell phone number and call me if you ever have a problem.

00:23:45 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah. And I guess just to sign off, like you know Kooler certainly has this and if anyone’s listening to this and wants to learn even a little bit more, what’s the website address for folks that tap into?

00:23:59 Shannon Hutto
Sure, it’s on. And get some products just like the name, get some GETOE products with an and if you need to reach out to me, there’s a button on there that says contact us, build that little form outcomes right to me and I’ll reach back out to you as quick as possible.

00:24:15 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Shannon, thank you so much. I appreciate you and what you bring into the world.

00:24:19 Shannon Hutto
Thank you, Matt. It’s an honor. Thank you very much. Appreciate your time

00:24:22 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Ditto. Will talk to you soon.