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Mental Health & Energy Medicine with Carla Fanciullo on the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #78

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00:00:00 Carla Fanciullo
So learning to understand like, oh, there’s some programming running in me all the time. Well, that’s energy in in a nutshell, that’s, that’s energy in your body. And learning to identify that and then work with it is how we bring that to the functional level, that the level that we work with, you know, in society.

00:00:24 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Welcome to the Cooler lifestyle podcast. I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn, and I’m excited to have you join me as I interview community members and business leaders from the communities in which I live, work and serve through my business, Kooler Garage Doors. We’re going to bring you highlights on characters in our communities. Why? Because community matters, and I want to know more about who is behind our business and leadership in order to understand and support the community fabric that our relationships make up.

00:00:53 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And collectively, we can build stronger communities that support our lifestyles, our youth and our health. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast. I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn. Today I’m sitting down with a friend. Carla Fanciullo.

00:01:12 Matthew Kuehlhorn
She’s an energy medicine practitioner. And coach Carla, thanks so much for joining.

00:01:19 Carla Fanciullo
Thanks so much for having me, Matt. Are you beaming in from a Home Office at your place? I am. I am. This is my Home Office.

00:01:28 Carla Fanciullo
I I do a few things ’cause I also work outside of the home a little bit too, so. But this is where I like to work in my nice bright room.

00:01:37 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I love it. Beautiful. I would love to start off. By building some context, as we always do on the lifestyle podcast here. Where’d you Grow Up, Carla?

00:01:47 Carla Fanciullo
I grew up in San Jose, CA. Almaden Valley, to be specific. If you’ve ever been a wine drinker, Almaden Valley.

00:02:00 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Awesome. And what’s the the concise, you know, journey from from there into Colorado.

00:02:09 Carla Fanciullo
You know, it’s kind of interesting. I I went to a vocational school out of high school so I could work like, right away because I really needed to move out of my home. And I worked for a little while and then a friend’s like, I’m going to school in Gunnison, Co I need a ride home to there after Thanksgiving. Do you want to take me? And I was like, sure, I’ll take you.

00:02:35 Carla Fanciullo
I was gonna go to Yosemite and ski, but I drove to Gunnison and started my journey there, which has been really fun because I’ve watched this county grow since 1977. Yeah, So yeah, that’s what got me here.

00:02:56 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah. There’s been some significant changes since 77.

00:03:01 Carla Fanciullo
Yes, there has. But it’s it’s been a wonderful place to be. And I think, you know, I grew up in suburbia on the golf course and I was always attracted to like this whole vast mountainous nature area. And you know, I had to learn to get used to it and be comfortable with it. And of course, my husband has been really instrumental in that.

00:03:29 Carla Fanciullo
But I’ve always been drawn to it, and it it’s now becoming so embodied in me how important it is for us to have that connection to nature and Mother Earth and the frequencies and things like that. So yeah, it’s fun to look back on that and see, I was always meant to probably come here.

00:03:49 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, interesting. OK, so you’ve piqued my curiosities a bit And.

00:03:57 Carla Fanciullo
You know, we’ve sat just for context for the listeners, we’ve sat together in an EP ceremonies and when I’m reviewing some of the previous conversations, your website and this idea of energy medicine, practitioner and coach, that’s it.

00:04:14 Matthew Kuehlhorn
When did this? I don’t know if it’s a superpower for you or or, you know, skill set, but when did this start opening up? What were some of the?

00:04:25 Carla Fanciullo
Components in this journey from California to Colorado that that sparked this awareness realization skill set, right. You know, as what I’ve really started the Energy Medicine Practitioner in the two the 2000s. But when I look back and recall about my life, I started studying yoga as soon as I was out of College in 1987. And you know, I think that was my first dive into energy. Even though at that point in time I maybe didn’t realize that I looked at it so much as a physical modality and practiced it and have known that when I’m always practicing yoga I feel better and always tried to bring that into my practice as an occupational therapist for other people.

00:05:26 Carla Fanciullo
I really focused on that physical element, you know, along with the breathing and things like that. When I got involved in the Mortar Institute, which is, you know, where my certification from Energy Medicine Practitioner is from, that opened up a whole nother world of yoga and the element of connecting with energy and the cosmos and even the subconscious. So it’s been there for quite a long time and it’s just been this evolution up until where it is now it.

00:06:04 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Is. I would imagine you believe that everything is energy.

00:06:12 Carla Fanciullo
Everything is energy. Everything is energy.

00:06:16 Matthew Kuehlhorn
That’s right. And what I think of energy, I think of waves.

00:06:21 Carla Fanciullo
Oh yeah.

00:06:23 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah. Is there another way that you think of energy?

00:06:28 Carla Fanciullo
Well, I I mean, I think the waves are nice, I know that. I don’t know if you can see my picture, but when we talk about energy, I I think of two things. I first think of the unified field, right, where everything’s connected. And you spoke of us sitting in an eepie together. And I love to do my energy work with Doctor Sue Mortar and then go into an EEPIE and look at the lodge and see how everything’s interconnected.

00:06:59 Carla Fanciullo
And it’s just such a great metaphor for that. But the energy’s yes. We talk a lot about how everything is energy and we compress and we compress and we compress and we compress until we are material, where material matter, right. And each of those compressions has a field, right, that that is kind of around us. You will hear that in yoga.

00:07:29 Carla Fanciullo
You will hear that with energy medicine practitioners. And you know, I can’t always say I pull them off the top of my head right away, but I know that the first compression is that of love. So that’s been just a really beautiful discovery for me and working and moving from there.

00:07:50 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Beautiful how? How would you define love?

00:07:56 Carla Fanciullo
Oh, well, that’s an interesting question. You know, let me answer it this way, because this is what I’ve been practicing myself with my mentors is how does love feel in your body? Right? Because I’m working on this embodiment, like getting everything out of my head and really feeling it in my body. And maybe I’ll just tell you a story and use an example because we have been, I have been working on, you know the chakras and each of their energy and of course, you know the heart chakra.

00:08:42 Carla Fanciullo
Our four chakra is love and how do I feel that my body. So I’m walking along the other day in nature and wilderness dreams where we get to go and I came over the rise where I could see the vastness of the castles and I got this feeling in my body that was just like, oh, I’m so happy, you know. And and in my solar plexus, I had all this tingling and, you know, like that was it. It was like, oh, I feel it. It’s in my body.

00:09:15 Carla Fanciullo
And I love that. So, you know, I’m learning to move away from just the concept of romantic love or family love, but a love that is, you know, a kind of unified and all-encompassing and, you know, from the cosmos and from the earth and feeling it in my body and noticing what that feels like and then trying to hold on to that feeling as I walk forward in the world and do my life right. And it’s one thing when you study all the time, which I’m very good at for now, you know, walking forward in the world, it’s like, can I hold on to that feeling that’s in my body that allows me to say I’m moving from love? So I kind of accept you where you are and what you’re going through and hope that I can meet you there and be a presence that you know isn’t conflictual or or just supports you. And how’s that for an answer?

00:10:19 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Love it when working with your clients. How do we bring in? The, the energy component, the stuff that we can’t really see, it’s not really tangible with business, with money, with some of this that is a little bit more tangible.

00:10:43 Carla Fanciullo
I think. I think that’s a a really great question and really a lot of the basis of the energy medicine work because it really is all about you know, taking what we know but moving it out of our heads and moving it into our body, which we’re kind of phrasing as embodiment, right. So I feel like we all have hidden programming around the concepts of money, right. And you can, you can think about, you know, different kinds of money. You have savings, you have debt, you have income.

00:11:29 Carla Fanciullo
You know, sometimes you have toxic money. And you know, we have emotions around that. We have program beliefs around that. We might have trauma around some of those things. So when I sit with people and I could do that with you a little bit, you know, if I just asked you to, you know, just sit there and be calm in your body and take a few breaths.

00:11:56 Carla Fanciullo
And I asked you to think about your savings, like think about your savings and then just notice what comes up for you. Like does something happen in your body? Do you have a thought that comes up? I think about savings and I think about this particular thing, right. Then we’re moving into what you’re really feeling.

00:12:20 Carla Fanciullo
What’s the energy about? Not just in my head, have this much in my bank account, but start to really feel something connected to that word or that concept and then I move from there. And that may be positive for some people. That may be negative for some people. Like I can never have a savings account.

00:12:40 Carla Fanciullo
It never works for me. And then we move into where you’re feeling it in the body. And then from that point, you know, I I take it to, I want to say intuitive, that intuitive level. Where is it hitting you? Is it low in your body?

00:12:58 Carla Fanciullo
Is it first chakra energy? Is it second chakra energy? Is it third? Is it 4th? I usually work with those the most.

00:13:06 Carla Fanciullo
This is so, so learning to understand like, oh, there’s some programming running in me all the time. Well, that’s energy in in a nutshell. That’s that’s energy in your body. And learning to identify that and then work with it is how we bring that to the functional level that the level that we work with, you know, in society. Yeah, sense makes sense.

00:13:35 Matthew Kuehlhorn
It makes a little sense. Let me see if I can regurgitate some of this and and I’ll throw in some of my own beliefs. But basically for the listener, what I’m hearing is. You know, if we do take it from the perspective that everything’s energy, then our thoughts are energy and how we make meaning over whatever it is we see our bank account that in essence drives a an experience really. And that experience we’re going to again make meaning of whether it’s good or bad or.

00:14:18 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:14:19 Carla Fanciullo
And that awareness of how we believe in it actually gives us insights that we can then tweak if we want, Right. Right. Well, well, maybe an example. Would that be helpful? Yeah.

00:14:37 Carla Fanciullo
Let’s, let’s see how this comes out for me. So if for instance, I’m going to stick with savings because that’s for some reason a good one, that comes out of me. But if, for instance, when I asked somebody, you know, to tune into themselves what they think about, you know what, when they think about savings, what happens for them? It’s like, oh, you know, I feel, I feel some real discomfort in my gut. But I have a story that comes up for me about, you know, maybe there was always fighting in my house because we never had enough money, We never had enough savings.

00:15:23 Carla Fanciullo
You know, that is making that sympathetic nervous system fly. Like fight. Yes. Like freeze. Right.

00:15:33 Carla Fanciullo
So. So that’s in there. And that’s probably, you know, a program belief or a subconscious feeling. But then I point out, can you see that every time you think about your savings, your body goes into this energetic field of fight, flight or freeze. So you’re never going to want to pay attention.

00:15:55 Carla Fanciullo
You’re not going to know how to make it better because you’re going to be in this, this energetic of, you know, fight, flight or freeze. And so when you’re there, you’re never in your creative essence, you know, versus when you step in into your calmness learning to, you know, have the divine move within you because we’re energy beings. Then that’s when all your creative genius comes out and you think of ways to be more of a creator around your sayings. So that’s like some of the verbiage and dialogue that I use to help people kind of get out of their minds, feel it in their body, deal with it. And of course I tap and I do breath work and all these things, and then we come back and we can be more creative in things that will help them identify.

00:16:52 Carla Fanciullo
Why can’t I break my glass ceiling of my income? Or why can’t I ever pay off my debt? Things like that.

00:17:01 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, So what I’m hearing is doing this work in order to open up Create.

00:17:09 Carla Fanciullo
Creativity versus reacting, yes. Like a reaction is simply that based on whatever programming we may have developed over the years, like something happened, we have the meaning we’re reacting versus and and I think if I can add to that, when when you said that reaction, I think about we react because we have this energy running through our body that maybe we’re not aware of. No, because who talks about bringing awareness to the energy in your body. It’s just like, you know, we’re not sure. And so then we have this reaction.

00:17:54 Carla Fanciullo
But then you start to learn to to, to identify your energy field, to work with your energy field. And then you feel that. And you get to a point where it’s like, OK, I don’t have to react to this or I’ll react, but I can catch myself. And that’s something that happened to me yesterday, you know? And it was like, oh, I know why I’m reacting to this.

00:18:16 Carla Fanciullo
And then I got to use my tools and kind of calm myself down. And it was great. And I moved forward. And I was really, really happy that it all worked, you know, like all the personal development and energy that you study. And it was like, wow, I used it and it worked in real life.

00:18:32 Carla Fanciullo
And it made me really happy, yeah. But yeah, I think we react because we have those feelings running through our body and we’re not aware of them or how to identify them or how to manage them.

00:18:51 Matthew Kuehlhorn
What would be some practical components you just referenced having tools that you accessed what might be one or two? That we can seed out in this conversation, give some practical tools for listeners that may be aware of that reaction. Like that’s one of the first steps, right. And I would encourage any listener, if you look at any a player, they always have some coach around them. And I think it’s in part so that they can see what they can’t see.

00:19:27 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, And a real honest coach is going to be. Bringing forth that stuff, which, you know, my coach talks to me all the time and he brings forth stuff that I do not see. Yeah. And that’s a powerful thing. And as soon as we can see it, then we can have that awareness.

00:19:44 Matthew Kuehlhorn
So I’m assuming that there’s some listeners that have some awareness and they can tell a point in time whether it’s going to be an hour ago or an hour from now or yesterday where they were in a reaction. And in that reaction moment, Carla, what are some practical tools that you utilize that you can share that could make a real impact to open up that?

00:20:13 Carla Fanciullo
Creativity. Well, I I think so. I have like a couple different sets of tools and I’ll just be straightforward that I have worked for many years in the energy codes. It’s it’s the Energy Codes by Doctor Sue Mortar and one of the practices that we do right off the top is called Take It to the Body right. So when something happens and you get triggered and we try and make these tools usable for in our daily life while we’re working or whatever you do, it’s called take it to the body, right.

00:21:02 Carla Fanciullo
So, So the first thing is it’s like, OK, well, you know, this person just said this to me and where do I feel that my body, you know, do I feel at my throat? Do I feel my heart? You know, anything? I mean, you have to be somewhat aware of your body. And believe me, there’s a lot of people who aren’t, because I’m also a therapist in the Western medical field and there’s plenty of people who aren’t.

00:21:29 Carla Fanciullo
But when you can identify that it’s, you know, each place in our body has an energy value to us. First shocker. Second shocker. Third shocker, 4th shocker, right up up the line. That’s the energy in our system.

00:21:51 Carla Fanciullo
And when you can identify that, then there’s things that you can do, you can do as a breath work, you know, just bring breath right to that area. I teach specific ones for the specific chakras and we talk about building circuits, right? It’s like the only reason you’re reacting is because maybe you’re a little disconnected in that part of the energy in your system. So at least identifying where it is and then if you can’t do the breath work right then then no big deal. You can do some deep breaths to at least calm your system down.

00:22:29 Carla Fanciullo
And then you know the other tool I use a lot is tapping. And you know I can do that while I’m driving in my car. Because you know, the science behind tapping is you know if you if you tap on these these acupuncture points, that it will calm your nervous system down. So again, it’s all about calming the nervous system down so you can bring forth the creative energy and creative thoughts that you have, You know, to move forward with grace and ease versus the reactionary, like, so those are two take it to the body, use your breath. You know, maybe you can learn about tapping ’cause it’s super easy.

00:23:15 Carla Fanciullo
I can do it in my car. You know, I I stopped yesterday with a pretty scenery and I started tapping. OK, This triggered me and I gotta, you know, I gotta calm myself down before I walk into the office. And and I did it and it was, you know, it was awesome. And I think as you do that you then bring up, it’s like, oh, This is why I was triggered.

00:23:37 Carla Fanciullo
You know, this is, this is where it’s coming from, and then you can tap on that. Those are the most things I used and I’ve I’ve studied a lot, so I know my breath work really easily for me. That’s why I want to work with people, because I want them to have those tools as well.

00:23:56 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yes, yes, wonderful. How do people engage you?

00:24:00 Carla Fanciullo
Where do people find you and who are you looking for? Well, I mean, I I have a website, I’ve done some advertisements on Facebook. I haven’t done a lot of local advertising. I’ve done some things like directly with doctor’s offices, because I’ve really been wanting people to, let’s see what I want to say. I really would like people to engage with me with alternative mental health options, right?

00:24:42 Carla Fanciullo
And I I’ve been speaking like I spoke at the Rotary Club. And it’s like, I want to talk to those people who think that the stress of life doesn’t affect their mental health. And then they suffer in silence. And that suffering may look like, you know, I drink too much or smoke too much dope or I train too hard, You know, all those things that can be accepted in our culture but could also be a marker for some suffering. So I went directly to the doctor’s offices too.

00:25:16 Carla Fanciullo
But those are the ways so far my website, some Facebook advertisements, things like that.

00:25:23 Matthew Kuehlhorn
So for the folks that are listening by audio, I’m going to list out Carla’s website and there’s also be in the show notes it’s Carla Fanciullo. And it’s, right? Yeah. And I would. I’d encourage you to to check it out.

00:25:51 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Carla, how about closing thoughts? Like, what are you hoping that your work brings forth in the world for people?

00:26:02 Carla Fanciullo
More love, more love for each other? For sure. I think we’re kind of in a state of being where there’s a lot of confusion. There’s part of the world that really wants to open up to love and create sustainable environment, sustainable communities, and then there’s a whole nother part of the world that maybe doesn’t find that helpful. It’s funny, you know, growing up in the 60s, I I still hear that thought of it starts with me, you know, it starts with me.

00:26:43 Carla Fanciullo
And I encourage people to embrace that and you know, bring their awareness to them. Let go of the thought that if I bring too much awareness to me, I’m being a selfish person. But we have to bring awareness to ourselves because we have to feel what we’re feeling because we’re consistently getting bombarded with messages from the energy field. That is more of the truth than some of, I don’t know, the CNBC messaging right, for lack of a better example. Well.

00:27:24 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Beautiful. I really appreciate what you do bring into the world and. I love the fact that you had zero hesitation. More love, let’s bring in more love. And I would agree.

00:27:38 Carla Fanciullo
It starts with self love and as long as my cup is full then I can start filling up other people ‘s right. Oh, so true. That’s a beautiful. That’s a beautiful thought. Thanks for seeing that.

00:27:51 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, Carla, I appreciate this conversation. I think there’s some good tips and tools for folks and for listeners and. I’ll encourage again listeners to reach out to Carla and explore some energy medicine.

00:28:10 Carla Fanciullo
I love it. Awesome. Thanks, Matt.

00:28:12 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Thank you, Carla. We’ll talk to you soon.

00:28:15 Carla Fanciullo
OK. Bye everybody.

00:28:17 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for listening to the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast. We count on your subscriptions, your likes, your shares, and I encourage you to do that. Now. If you’re watching on YouTube, Go ahead and subscribe. Lower right hand button.

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If you’re on audio, download this, share it, and we look forward to having you on the next one.