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Gathering the Kings: Building a Network for Success with Chaz Wolfe on Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #54

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00:00:00 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah. That’s a it’s a great question. I want to just add one quick thing there to the burning desire because a lot of times people think a burning desire means that I want things or that I that I I want for the sake of wanting to create Coven. Yeah. You know so it’s not that I know that I am built to want to grow to build, right and that’s it. I’m I’m kind of leaning into your to your questionnaire.

00:00:29 Chaz Wolfe
I know that I’m a builder. The identity that I have is a builder, so I have no shame in wanting more. Now I understand that there are people who have maybe a similar desire that have used that for evil, but guess what? That’s that’s the world. We’re broken people and there are evil people out there.

00:00:47 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Welcome to the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast.

00:00:49 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn, and I’m excited to have you join me as I interview community members and business leaders from the communities in which I live, work and serve through my business, Kooler Garage Doors. We’re going to bring you highlights on characters in our communities.

00:01:04 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Why? Because community matters, and I want to know more about who is behind our business and leadership in order to understand and support the community fabric that our relationships make up. And collectively, we can build stronger communities that support our lifestyles, our youth and our health.

00:01:26 Matthew Kuehlhorn
To the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast, I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn. Today, I’m a little bit giddy. I get to sit down with my friend, business partner all around great human, Chaz Wolfe, serial entrepreneur. Chaz, thanks so much for joining us today.

00:01:52 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, well, I was just waiting for the right time, man. I’m really excited about this. Where where are you being in from? Awesome. Awesome. Yeah. Well, we’ve got some history and we’ve been building together for a little while now. I’m curious, you know, I want to start back in the day and for the listeners build out this context for what brings you here today, so.

00:02:18 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Start off if you wouldn’t mind telling us where you grew up and what was. What was Chaz like in middle school and.

00:02:27 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, well, I’ll. I’ll drop a big old hammer on you and the audience right away here. I won’t explain any of it, though, so you’ll have to find me later to explain it. But Chaz in middle school was not Chaz Wolfe. I didn’t know my dad at that time. I thought somebody else was my dad, who I never even called dad. He was in and out of my, in and out of my life, in and out of prison.

00:02:47 Chaz Wolfe
And so when I was 24, I met my actual dad. He didn’t even know I existed and I didn’t know he was my dad. So that’s when I became Wolfe. Before that, I was a totally different identity. We don’t talk about that guy. Not that he was a bad guy, but I’m just not him anymore. So anyway, the Chaz back then was a young guy. Believe it or not, I still liked making my hair look nice. I remember being 12/13 and you know, if you remember the the, the blonde tips, I I was totally rocking the blonde tips and the and the earrings and.

00:03:17 Chaz Wolfe
And and I was a I was a smart kid. I’m not very good at school, but but smart and and resourceful. Let’s just say it that way. That’s how I made it through school, and I just couldn’t wait to make money. That was me in middle school, high school, really any sort of me, starting at the age of basically 10.

00:03:35 Matthew Kuehlhorn
You’ve always had the money drive.

00:03:37 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, 100%.

00:03:39 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:03:40 Chaz Wolfe
Single mom family, like, you know, we didn’t have a whole bunch.

00:03:45 Chaz Wolfe
My mom worked a ton and so I couldn’t be more grateful from a perspective of diligence and hard work and and an example, right. But I mean you know all my friends got brand new cars. I went to a pretty nice high school. It was public school but pretty nice high school and I was just trying to fill up my gas tank with my 93 four Explorer that that caught on fire. You know, like I just, it was just a different childhood than than many of my friends.

00:04:15 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, fascinating you, you brought up identity and obviously if you’re switching a name and and going that level of identity, that’s that’s a significant shift. And I’m curious, you know, you’re one of the folks, one of the few folks I know that’s been studying personal development or self mastery for you know, I started my journey in this realm and really going deep 1520 years ago. You started a much younger age than I did.

00:04:44 Matthew Kuehlhorn
What really triggered this? Was it the wand of of more material and and money or was there a mentor or what was the catalyst?

00:04:53 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, that’s a good question because it’s never really been about the money. Obviously I make a lot of money now and you know some people would never know. We just moved into a beautiful home that I had built. But before last year you you probably never even guess. I’m a pretty good, I’m a pretty good squirreler and and purchaser of assets that nobody knows about, you know.

00:05:13 Chaz Wolfe
But to answer your question, when I was 18 years old, believe it or not, this is going to sound funny to some folks, I was approached by the Amway multilevel marketing opportunity and the young, ambitious 18 year old Chaz. I had already been working full time. I had already made good money. I was a I was a retail manager at Footlocker. I started that when I was, you know, like working full time, basically at 16.

00:05:43 Chaz Wolfe
Right before I turn 17. And so it wasn’t really about the money because I could at, you know, at 18, I could buy whatever. I had no responsibilities. I had no bills. I could buy whatever I wanted. But this, this idea of freedom and this idea of going to the next level of myself for the future me was introduced through some of these conferences and stuff that, you know, these business teams put on inside of the multilevel marketing and where I’m sure plenty of the other ones do. And so, you know, I I just went hard.

00:06:13 Chaz Wolfe
For three years I did everything that I was asked to do and I drove thousands of miles. I pushed my body to the waking the to the end of of physically what it means to be not capable any longer physically to be awake and and I pushed all the limits and and that just like sparked everything that was already in me of this like this fire for more this.

00:06:43 Chaz Wolfe
Greater desire success call it you know you can fill in the gap on on a bunch of titles but I I wanted more man and that was just like the the fountain that gave me a little taste. I I wasn’t very successful in that business. We had some success but I wasn’t you know speaking on stages or anything but what it did is it is it showed me what life could potentially be like if a business or if wealth existed.

00:07:12 Chaz Wolfe
And so again, for me, it wasn’t necessarily about what the wealth could buy, It was about the freedom or about what the legacy I could leave for my family, really.

00:07:23 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And that started that early.

00:07:25 Chaz Wolfe
Oh yeah, like okay. Let me backtrack. That was 18, right? 18/19/20 is when I was in that business and made a smidge of 21. I got married at 21 though, to my high school sweetheart. We started dating when I was 18. She was 17.

00:07:41 Chaz Wolfe
And that summer, so basically we met, we went to my senior prom and then that summer she went to Montana. They always went to Montana for the summer. And I knew that summer that I was going to marry her and I mean she’s 17, a junior in high school. And so that that, that that Christmas I purchased a a ring, you know went over to the Zales over there in the mall.

00:08:07 Chaz Wolfe
The only thing that at a 18 year old kid can do, spend 1000 bucks, a little less than 1000 bucks. And I bought her this beautiful ring. And for me, I knew exactly what it meant. It it, it was, it was a precursor to what I knew I was going to do at some point. Now I couldn’t tell her that or her parents because that was too much at that point. But to to the deeper question that you’re asking, was I that decisive? Do I really know that at that age? Yes.

00:08:34 Chaz Wolfe
I knew exactly what I wanted now. I didn’t know what our life would look like. I didn’t know that we would have four beautiful children in an incredible marriage. But I knew she was the one, for sure. And so when I got into the, you know, Amway business, when I when I looked at freedom, when I looked at success, when I looked at wealth, when I looked at legacy. Yes, like, bite me. A big old bite of that off, you know?

00:08:57 Matthew Kuehlhorn
What I find amazing about this and it, and I’ve known your certainty and the decisiveness that you bring to life, and it’s inspiring, man. It it moves me. It motivates me. You know, as I mature, I get more and more decisive in my life. And I think what I love about your story is how early on you just owned this component. And so it begs the question, nature versus nurture, is this coming out of, you know, a single mom?

00:09:27 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Livelihood and and almost needing to adopt this decisiveness because it was almost survival.

00:09:34 Chaz Wolfe
On some level, right and.

00:09:37 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I guess that’s kind of the question from your perspective nature and nurture.

00:09:41 Chaz Wolfe
You know, this is an interesting question that you would even bring this up because you and I haven’t had this conversation yet. But so I mentioned a few minutes ago that I met my dad at 24. And you know the, again, the funny part of it about the story is that we look alike like.

00:09:57 Chaz Wolfe
A lot alike and he owns multiple businesses and cows and and farm ground and and he drives from from one veterinary client to the other or one pastor to the to the next thinking about what can I do more, what can I do next, you know. And so from from that angle we’re very much alike, although we’re very different in many ways, we’re not the same human at all. If you were here on the show with you, he’d tell you that I’m much more of a risk taker.

00:10:27 Chaz Wolfe
And maybe that comes from from, from the, from the nurture side of it, where is like, look, it was just survival, like just we just figure it out, that’s what that was. And so from a medical perspective, Doctor Wolfe, my father would have, you know, he’s a veterinarian. And so he would have said 75% environment, 25% DNA. He’s like, but and he’s literally said to me word for word after meeting you, it’s got to be the opposite. Really. Yeah. So I to answer your question, I have no idea.

00:10:56 Chaz Wolfe
Because I had. I had a phenomenal upbringing. Now you think, well, geez, a single mom, you know, struggling on food, not food, but bills, money, stuff like that. I mean, we always had food. That’s what I was trying to say there. But some people might say, like, what do you mean you had an incredible upbring? Well, she’s an incredible woman. You know, like, holy moly, what are the life lessons that I learned from that situation and being more than I was required to be as a son, you you’re you’re not required to.

00:11:25 Chaz Wolfe
Lead or to provide financially for the family. Like these are not son like sub like descriptions, these are father descriptions. And so I was much more of a partner than I was ever meant to be. But those things have made me who I am. Coupled with, you know, the the DNA that I share with with Doctor Wolfe, it’s created a little bit of a monster, which I’m kind of excited about.

00:11:51 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:11:53 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Well, yeah, you you bring full force and I and I and I truly do appreciate and love it, man. So, you know, in our in our Kooler Lifestyle conversations, these have been forming into 3 buckets, which I shared with you. Better Business living longer and better community connections. I want to, I want to keep on this thread of of certainty and being decisive because this is a component of Better Business. I think there’s a lot of business owners out there.

00:12:22 Matthew Kuehlhorn
That, you know, I can definitely relate to. And as I’ve been going through this journey, I’ve been working on that decision making, I’ve been working on the certainty because there’s times where I’ll make a decision and I’ve got to own it. But it might be wrong and it is the only way. It’s the only way I’m going to be.

00:12:40 Chaz Wolfe
Able to build a.

00:12:42 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Bigger entity and build wealth and and put this legacy together. So I’m teeing up the question and it’s kind of an openended question just like.

00:12:52 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Around certainty around making decisions. What have you gleaned out of books, Mentors, your studies that have helped even gain more certainty and more of the decisiveness? What’s some applicable advice that listeners can can use?

00:13:08 Chaz Wolfe
Today, yeah, Okay. So let me I’m going to try to go in reverse order. So what you’re talking about is decisiveness is what brings us to where we are, right. So.

00:13:19 Chaz Wolfe
We were just on a call here recently where I was talking about we are where we are today based on the decisions that we’ve made. Like there is no more of the story. It’s a hard. And I always, I always enunciate the period because we as humans make so many excuses, so many reasons that we cover up and and we give ourselves grace or latitude, whatever, whatever nice words you want to use it. It’s an excuse.

00:13:48 Chaz Wolfe
And I do it myself, so I’m not, I’m not harping on anybody that is listening. The reality of it is, is that you are where you are based on the decisions that you’ve made. It’s not based on your environment. It’s not based on other people. It’s not based on money that you have or don’t have. It’s not based on your education. It’s not. It’s not. It’s based on the decisions that you’ve made. Okay, because here I am, a single, the son of a single mom who had no money. I have no college education. I slept through high school.

00:14:17 Chaz Wolfe
Okay. I probably should have just been a drop out of that too. And I built multiple businesses in my 20s. I become a millionaire when I’m 29, a multimillionaire in my 30s, and and I’m helping other business owners do the same. What qualifies me? I don’t know other than here I am, right. So the decisions that we’ve made, right, Okay. So let’s reverse engineer that back. Well, what helps us make good decisions? Well, the way that we think.

00:14:43 Chaz Wolfe
Okay. So that’s that’s really your bigger question here is what have, what have I done, what do we need to do in order to be able to think differently. And and we are, we are wired by our environment, our family, like you talked about a little bit ago. We’re wired by beer. We’re wired by survival. All of these things are naturally how we make decisions and through books and through mentors and coaches and even groups like we’re a part of I have found value in being able to hear someone else.

00:15:13 Chaz Wolfe
Say something or show me what they’ve done based on their experience. And me go, huh, interesting. I don’t know if I would have thought about that or I didn’t know that that was possible. Or I moved my family to South Florida for a year. And you know, that’s a different environment. There’s so much money in South Florida. I mean, I would see Rolls Royce.

00:15:39 Chaz Wolfe
Regularly the the Honda you know the Honda that everybody drives around Kansas City here. Well it’s a it’s a it’s a Mercedes G wagon down there right. Like everybody has one everybody has one what’s a $250,000 vehicle and they all live in a in a in A5 million $10 million condo right there on the beach. All of them. And there’s tons of them people everywhere. It’s crazy there’s so much money so it putting ourselves in situations by reading books or going to conferences just like I told you about back in the Amway. That’s that’s what Amway did for me is it expounded the way that I think.

00:16:09 Chaz Wolfe
Or it gave me a new perspective, a new belief system, right. So the way that I think needs to be rewired so that I can believe the things that are maybe possible for me, that then helps make good decisions. And then right after decisions is action, right? I can make decisions all day long, but I don’t take any action. Then there’s no result. So I’m not sure if that’s an exact formula or not, but that’s kind of how I think about it.

00:16:33 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah. So for the listeners, business owner.

00:16:36 Matthew Kuehlhorn
That’s listening and being like okay, so I need to change the way I think.

00:16:41 Chaz Wolfe

00:16:42 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Where do we go?

00:16:43 Luke Hylton
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00:16:51 Luke Hylton
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00:16:52 Luke Hylton
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00:17:22 Chaz Wolfe
Well, a pretty easy on ramp to that is thinking grow Rich, it’s the, it’s the number one success principal book. It’s in my opinion the all the rest of them were written in some sort of a fashion based on that book. So I’ve read that book every single year for the last decade probably maybe a little less than but I’ve also read it multiple times some of those years I’ve read it four times this year already. So it’s like OK.

00:17:50 Chaz Wolfe
Well, First off, what is the book offer and then why do I keep reading it? 1 The book offers 13 success principles that are literally foundation to everything, and it also offers 30 reasons why you’re going to fail. So if I know what makes me successful and was potentially going to hold me back, I’d just follow the script. Sounds pretty simple, but what’s easy to do is also easy not to do, so I just read the book.

00:18:15 Chaz Wolfe
And I do what it says pretty straightforward. The what I get out of it multiple times every single year is I am ideally changing and growing. And so my perspective should be changing and growing and the way that I think should be changing and growing based on not only what I’m learning in the book, but then also how I’m running my businesses or how I’m getting around other people like Matt Kelhorn who challenge me or make me think in a different way. So then when I go back to the 13 success principles.

00:18:42 Chaz Wolfe
And then when I go back to the 30 reasons for failure, I go, I think about this differently now. Wow. I’m. I’m. I need to level up again, right? Pretty easy on, right? Yes.

00:18:52 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yes, what I love about that book is the burning desire. And to me that speaks to a compelling future and if I’m architecting.

00:19:04 Matthew Kuehlhorn
My compelling future, and I get it strong enough, that’s going to fuel the desire and pull me forward so I don’t have to push and pride myself.

00:19:12 Chaz Wolfe
Right, That’s right. That’s right.

00:19:13 Matthew Kuehlhorn
What are you waking up for? What are you building for?

00:19:16 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, that’s a it’s a great question. I want to just add one quick thing there to the burning desire because yeah, a lot of times people think a burning desire means that I want things or that I that I I want for the sake of wanting to create Coven. Yeah, you know.

00:19:33 Chaz Wolfe
So it’s not that I know that I am built to want to grow to build, right. And that’s and I’m, I’m kind of leaning into your to your questionnaire. I know that I’m a builder. The identity that I have is a builder. So I have no shame in wanting more. Now I understand that there are people who have maybe a similar desire that have used that for evil, but guess what That’s that’s the world. We’re broken people and there are evil people out there.

00:20:02 Chaz Wolfe
But you can’t categorize money or the desire for more or this this thing that needs to be inside of you, so hot and just on the inside and and run away from it. Because the people or the the impact, whether it’s people or your community or in case my family, they’re not going to get the benefit of all that you’re meant to be. It’s not just you, it’s not just the things that you can buy, it’s the impact.

00:20:30 Chaz Wolfe
So I’m going to circle all this up in the answer. I know that I’m a builder for two things. Number one is my family. I am building a legacy. I say in my purpose statement every single morning that I’m building the Wolfe legacy. 3 generations at at once. I’m building 3 generations. Those 3 generations don’t even exist at the current moment. But I’m building them okay. Well, what does that mean? Well, I want to. I want to perpetuate wealth, not just in money form, but in resources. All resources, including the way that we think.

00:21:00 Chaz Wolfe
The wolf family from me down will do it different. K now into the generations. I know that possibly it’s going to get lost. And so I have a duty to be with my children, to be with my grandchildren, and God willing, my great grandchildren to be able to get into the nittygritty with them and build legacy so that somewhere, somewhere in that line, someone else is going to think like me and carry the mantle onto the next three generations 2. I’m building business disciples.

00:21:29 Chaz Wolfe
I know that I am absolutely called to pour out to other business owners. Currently I do that in many formats through consulting, through a round table Peertopeer, Mastermind group, through podcast like this, through my own podcast called Gathering the Kings. Like, I know that I’m designed to connect intentionally with other business owners at a high, high level and call them into more. So let’s go.

00:21:53 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Let’s go, man. Let’s go, man.

00:21:58 Matthew Kuehlhorn
It’s so good. I just, I imagine, you know, what if other business owners ran with that kind of fuel and that kind of purpose and indefiniteness, right. You know, I think there’s a real duty for business owners to develop the strongest business possible because that does build strength in community And I love the caveat that you put in there. It’s not about the things.

00:22:24 Matthew Kuehlhorn
It’s this inside game that affects the outside game and creates these ripples that ultimately makes it a better place for everybody to express and be who they are.

00:22:34 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, exactly. And and, and as a you know, I defined it in my mastermind group called Gathering the Kings that being a king is about holding weight, right? Like, think about an old time king. Like the crown wasn’t just like this little Frufru thing. It was like gold and heavy.

00:22:52 Chaz Wolfe
And you put it on your head like super uncomfortable, but you wore it because that was like, that’s what a king does now, Okay, that’s on the outside. What does the king do inside of the Kingdom? He’s carrying the weight of the people, right. His family, of course, the the, the, the ecosystem or the economics of the Kingdom. But then there’s a there’s a heart level, there’s people there, you know. And so yes, it’s my family and the legacy that I just talked about, but.

00:23:22 Chaz Wolfe
What about the impact of the team members that work with me or for me? What about what about you? What about other business owners listening right now? What about your family? Like, I know your wife now, right? I’m getting to know your family better. It’s my duty that in my interactions with your family that they’re better when they leave my presence. Like that’s what selfmastery is. It’s not just me becoming the best version of me, it’s me becoming the best version of me so that it can help others, so it pours out.

00:23:52 Chaz Wolfe
And that’s the difference between a warrior and a king, right? So the warrior selfish, the wars in warrior mode, like always fighting and and like trying to survive and like win the battle. That’s not what kingship is. Kingship is my eyes are on everybody else. Everybody else is taken care of and then I eat.

00:24:07 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yes, Yeah, I call that a win, Win winning.

00:24:11 Chaz Wolfe
I love it.

00:24:13 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And there is. There is a point in time in it. In every person’s life. This is for men and women. There’s a there’s an immature version of the masculine feminine.

00:24:21 Matthew Kuehlhorn
I look at that as what you’re referencing is the warrior that the take. We’re wearing it for the take.

00:24:26 Chaz Wolfe

00:24:27 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And then we then we grow to a point hopefully to where we can go beyond that and it is about the give that’s the mature mask and the mature feminine, the king, the queen where we are going and it’s the leaders eat last component to make sure everybody else is set build that.

00:24:47 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, if you don’t live like that then.

00:24:50 Chaz Wolfe
It’s because you haven’t first taken care of yourself. So I I again we linking it back to selfmastery. A lot of times business owners are spinning. Look there’s days where I’m spinning too. So I’m I’m not speaking out of turn here. It’s not like you ever get to a place where everything’s just smooth all the time. But what I’m what I’m saying is that if you can’t help others because you haven’t first helped yourself right Like you get on the airplane what they tell you the thing drops down and they you supposed to put out everyone else’s mask on first? No.

00:25:19 Chaz Wolfe
Put your mask on and then everyone else and so that’s what selfmastery is like you you have to be diligent and and like like hungry about. I got it. I got it. I have to level up me and and that could look like a dollar. Different things you said earlier books we talked about mentors. I know you got some coaches of course we’ve both paid for experiences events and and groups and conferences and like there’s just so many ways but like I just need to eat it all I need to I need to fill my plate.

00:25:47 Chaz Wolfe
And and I have to grow because I have people counting on me.

00:25:51 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, I love the perspective and I would imagine some listeners would relate to this. And this is this is me being vulnerable because in order to build oneself up, there’s got to be the self value component.

00:26:04 Chaz Wolfe
That’s right, right.

00:26:05 Matthew Kuehlhorn
We have to be worthy of building it up. We have to be have this belief anchored that we’re worthy of quote, UN quote success. However, we did find it.

00:26:14 Chaz Wolfe

00:26:16 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And so, you know, for the folks that are listening that, you know, maybe running a business or maybe on the fence thinking about running a business, I’m going to say right now, like, yeah, you’re worth it. I know that without a doubt, like there’s a, there’s a spiritual game in all of this. And and if we’re waking up each day, you know, give thanks and go to action, go take the hill, because that expression is, is completely worth it and we’re waiting for you.

00:26:45 Chaz Wolfe
Seriously, you and other people?

00:26:47 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:26:48 Chaz Wolfe
Other people are waiting for you. You know your family is waiting for.

00:26:50 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Other people waiting for.

00:26:52 Chaz Wolfe
You, your community, the school, your church. Like, bro, there’s no time to wait.

00:26:59 Matthew Kuehlhorn
There is there is no time to wait I mean we could look across the board and get into the weeds on this one but I think we’ll go high level and just say you know there’s we need leaders we need we need people that own their lives and show up and and play full out and.

00:27:13 Matthew Kuehlhorn
And be decisive and and learn from the mistakes and move on and iterate and that’s what makes it go.

00:27:20 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, you said it earlier that you know being decisive isn’t necessarily making perfect decisions all the time. Obviously we we want to master decision making which helps us make less and less bad choices, but not making a choice or staying on the fence of opening a business or even if it in your own business or even in your own family.

00:27:40 Chaz Wolfe
Or in your job, whatever the situation is that you’re you’re you’re in right now as a listener. Not making a decision isn’t helping you. It’s an open loop is what we call it and and too many open loops keep you keep you in in in in like stillness and and A and a body in motion stays in motion and the same goes for stillness and so it’s like I I can’t win if I’m not moving and so I would much rather be decisive and be wrong and learn okay well.

00:28:09 Chaz Wolfe
Shouldn’t do it that way next time. But guess what? I I learned that I shouldn’t do it that way. I’m now eliminated and I can go try this way, right? But if I’d never try, if I never do, or if I’m too busy over thinking, then I I haven’t. I haven’t at least got rid of this option. It’s still an option. It’s still an open loop. I’m trying to eliminate and then and go to the ones that work. Sometimes I pick them right the first time, sometimes I don’t.

00:28:36 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yes, yes, OK.

00:28:39 Matthew Kuehlhorn
That opened up one more question before I got to the tail end of this recorded conversation, but let’s dive in. I want a little nuts and bolts. So for the listeners that you know are making decisions, do you have a system that helps you prioritize? So in any business there’s you know, a funnel full of of quote UN quote problems, issues, opportunities that we can address. How do we bring this down into an actionable like chunk right versus being overwhelmed?

00:29:06 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, okay. Well, so.

00:29:08 Chaz Wolfe
The big funnel that you can overlay over your business and your life is does this thing, whatever the decision is associated to help me get what I want. Right? So okay. Well what does that mean? I have to 1st determine what I what do I want, which goes back to the burning desire and definiteness which come from thinking we’re rich okay. So if I first defined that I’m trying to X and I’m clear on it and I’ve got a burning desire for it. Okay, the decision comes across my desk. Does that help me get it? No.

00:29:37 Chaz Wolfe
Then I don’t do it like no questions. I just don’t do it. That could be things that I’m eating or not eating, activities that I’m protecting in or or business decisions like all of life who I marry, right? Like all of these very, very either subtle or important decisions all add up to this where I am today. And so is it based on it? Is it going to get me where I want to go okay in a business, you can be a little bit more maybe like strategic and go okay. We’ll take that same format of does it help me get what I want.

00:30:06 Chaz Wolfe
You can predetermine what you want and then and then put those into targets, right, like actual measurable targets that could be revenue associated, that could be headcount associated that could be number of homes, right Like you you do garage doors okay cool Like how many homes or how many families do you want to impact this year like all of that super measurable and it can be broken down into quarters, months you know weeks, daily actions down to how many phone calls do we need to make or how much marketing dollars do we need to spend this month in order to generate the certain amount of phone calls.

00:30:35 Chaz Wolfe
The week in XYZ, like all of that, can be broken down all the way down to the daily action or even habit, right? Even one set, you know, underneath the action is the habit. We just keep going and going.

00:30:49 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, yeah, can’t keep going and going nitty gritty.

00:30:54 Chaz Wolfe
You said we’re almost done with the recordings. I’m gonna, I’m gonna.

00:30:59 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Well, I want to get, I want to open up the the conversation around masterminds, because you run Gathering the Kings.

00:31:05 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Which I’m a part of. There’s some amazing, amazing humans in that group. The way you’ve brought in people is, is just ridiculous jazz, and it’s certainly spurred me. But masterminds in general, again, it’s extracting from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Talk to me a little bit about it. Share with our listeners what gathering the Kings is and why does it bring value.

00:31:32 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah. So gathering the kings exists to create intentional connection points for entrepreneurs so that they can learn, leverage, leverage is the most important thing in, in business, but really life specifically in these three areas, leveraging time, leveraging resources and leveraging key relationships. And so we talk about these things inside of these intentional connection points, we’re going back to the book.

00:31:58 Chaz Wolfe
And can grow rich. The the value of mines coming together, even on a podcast, doesn’t have to be in a paid format, right? Business owners pay me to get into an environment to an intentional connection points that I create. Okay. Well, cool. They’re paying for the opportunity to be in a room with other high performers and I’ve. I’ve curated an environment okay that’s valuable. Even listening to a show like this can still have the same general effect as what a mastermind can do because it’s still two mines coming together.

00:32:26 Chaz Wolfe
And it’s an agitation of thought, right? You you can only think one way literally by yourself. And yes you have some new ideas and and and maybe some hopes and desires, but it’s never going to go very far unless you start getting into other rooms or other recordings or just popping it in your ear and listening to a conversation like this where it challenges the way that you think it agitates. I love the word agitate. Challenge is cool but agitates like man just so much of A like a almost maybe feel uncomfortable like challenge cool but like agitates like.

00:32:56 Chaz Wolfe
Maybe I don’t agree with you and I’m telling you that like cool, like it’s good, but like that’s not what you’re made for Matt Qhorn, right. Or whatever. And so and sometimes that comes in direct form like I’m talking to Matt and I’m giving him direct advice about who he… dot dot, right. Sometimes it comes in a format of I’m in a room and I hear two other people talking about an experience and I’m like Ding light bulb wow, his business has nothing to do with mine. But that just.

00:33:24 Chaz Wolfe
Creatively took me to a space mentally where I now solved the problem that I have. That has nothing to do with him at all. Or again, like this podcast. Anything that I can do to listen to someone’s either experience or situation or just hopefully they’ve gotten some just fuel, some fire. I mean, we’ve been just like ripping here, right? I don’t know how you listen to this and then not want to go, just run through a wall. Like that’s what how I feel right now. I’m pitting out over here. I’m ready to go. You remember that from our podcast originally. I’m like, they don’t pit you like me too.

00:33:55 Chaz Wolfe
Okay. So here’s the deal, man. It’s like I I have got to put myself in a situation to think differently. Okay. Well, we started with a book, but that goes with people. I got to get around Matt Kilhorn. I got to get around a, you know, a Justin Beadle. I got to get around a Jeff Curran. I got to get around these guys, right? Or ladies.

00:34:15 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Absolutely. I I love the mess around the power of it. I also think there’s.

00:34:19 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Some massive power and questions and we can get the right question from another individual even. It’s like a mirror Chaz, you know, even if you’re having a conversation with Justin or like I’m observing that and the questions dialogue can immediately impact and transform my thinking in in moments. It’s it’s super amazing. So all right.

00:34:41 Matthew Kuehlhorn
We can keep running. I know this, no doubt, but for the sake of a listener, we’re going to, we’re going to let him go here. But first, I want to give the opportunity for folks to get in touch with you.

00:34:52 Chaz Wolfe

00:34:53 Matthew Kuehlhorn
How do we find you? Where you at?

00:34:55 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, you can find me. I’m on all social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn Chaz Wolfe, those are probably the easiest on social, but you can just go to that’s a pretty easy one there. Or and obviously I’m involved in several other.

00:35:11 Chaz Wolfe
Businesses. I have a portfolio of businesses and you know we we from a high level are trying to connect with other high performers, some in the garage door space, some in some in the home service space, some in the not having to do with any of those space. I’m just trying to build business disciples wherever I go.

00:35:32 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah. And I would emphasize, you know, for anybody listening like.

00:35:36 Matthew Kuehlhorn
You know what attracted me to to run with you, Chaz, is just this pursuit of mastery, like wanting to grow. And that’s the commonality that everybody I’ve met that you brought in to the network. Grateful, not done, is the saying that you’ve used. And I think it’s super applicable, like to be grateful of where we’re at, but as long as I keep waking up, I ain’t done.

00:35:57 Chaz Wolfe
I ain’t done no way, no chance.

00:35:59 Matthew Kuehlhorn
No chance. Beautiful.

00:36:02 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, so yeah, check out Gathering in the Kings. Chaz runs an amazing podcast. It’s also a masterbind and seven. Figure it up. Business owners come there and run, push each other, challenge, agitate. Great word. My final question for you Chaz, is do you know what your book title is going to be yet?

00:36:22 Chaz Wolfe
Yeah, there’s a couple. There’s a couple. First one that that that I remember off top of my head because I just got in talking about it is work life obsession.

00:36:31 Chaz Wolfe
And work, life balance doesn’t exist. The word balance is ridiculous and I don’t believe in it at all. What made me successful in my business was my obsession. And what’s going to make me successful in my family and my legacy and my community and my church are is going to be obsession. And I just got to figure out how to be obsessed with all of it. And it’s the same thing that all entrepreneurs are dealing with. So don’t feel bad if you are tipped on that scale one way or the OR the other.

00:36:56 Chaz Wolfe
But there’s just so many other things, you know, that we we have that we can use our addictive and obsessive, obsessive nature towards. But there’s another one I’m going to I’m going to write the said I I interviewed a billion dollars and this is what it told me.

00:37:12 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:37:13 Chaz Wolfe
I’ve had over 325 podcasts with multi multimillionaires and and lots of money coming through that show.

00:37:21 Chaz Wolfe
And I want to talk about the success principles that I’ve I’ve interviewed for the last 300 plus episodes.

00:37:28 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, my friend, it’s a true honor. You do inspire me. It’s an honor to run with you, to agitate, to push you. And I’m so appreciative. We’re going to include all your links in our show notes so the listener can reach out to you. I highly, highly encourage that and man.

00:37:45 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Until the next time we get together. Man, I’m so psyched.

00:37:47 Chaz Wolfe
Thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure. I can’t speak highly enough in in response and this is not just through through for the show here but when you talk about questions and and people listening to the show already know this that’s why they listen. But you’re an intentional individual you ask incredible questions. Anybody who’s going to run in your circle is going to be better off than then they then they started. So I the the feelings are are well reciprocated both ways.

00:38:11 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Appreciate you, ma’am. We’ll talk to you soon.

00:38:14 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Thanks. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for listening to the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast. We count on your subscriptions, your likes, your shares and I encourage you to do that. Now if you’re watching on YouTube, go ahead and subscribe lower right hand button. If you’re on audio, download this, share it and we look forward to having you on the next one.