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Discovering the Power of Yoga and Spirituality with Monica Mesa Dasi on Kooler Lifestyle Podcast #37

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00:00:00 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Why is your business called Soul on fire?

00:00:05 Monica Mesa Dasi
Ya know it’s a good question because before it wasn’t called soul on fire. I was mainly known for yoga for the peaceful and just my name, Monica Mesa Dasi. But what happened about four years ago, some listeners may know, is that my oldest son, Shane died from suicide. And obviously that was, you know, a devastating blow that turned my life and my other son’s lives upside down. And one of the things that I did when that happened was, you know, I I wanted to find everything that I could possibly find about Shane and all the places that I maybe hadn’t looked. And I went onto his Facebook page. And I looked at every single post that he had ever made. And he had all these, like, very strong messages and quotes that were very inspirational. And one of them was this one. The greatest weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire.

00:01:23 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Welcome to the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast. I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn, and I’m excited to have you join me as I interview community members and business leaders from the communities in which I live, work, and serve through my business Kooler Garage Doors. We’re going to bring you highlights on characters in our communities. Why? Because Community matters, and I want to know more about who is behind our business and leadership in order to understand and support the Community fabric that our relationships make up. And collectively, we can build stronger communities that support our lifestyles, our youth, and our health. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kooler Lifestyle Podcast. I’m your host, Matt Kuehlhorn. Today, I am honored, privileged to be hanging out with Monica Mesa Dasi. She’s a Tatra teacher, yogini intuitive, author, mother of three sons, founder of the Yoga for the Peaceful Studio in Crested Butte, Colorado, which has been an anchor in the community for over a decade. She’s a mentor, Channeler, plant medicine woman and activist that leads the soul on fire movement. Monica, welcome.

00:02:36 Monica Mesa Dasi
Thank you so much, Matt. Thank.

00:02:39 Matthew Kuehlhorn
You so much.

00:02:40 Monica Mesa Dasi
Very grateful to be here.

00:02:42 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yes, I feel very present and grounded, and your presence is absolutely beautiful.

00:02:51 Monica Mesa Dasi
Thank you, Matt. Thank.

00:02:52 Matthew Kuehlhorn
You, yes, yes. I would love to start the conversation with the question I ask of everybody. Where did you grow up, Monica?

00:03:03 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yeah, thank you. I was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA and interesting that my name is Monica from Santa Monica.

00:03:17 Matthew Kuehlhorn
How long did you live there for?

00:03:19 Monica Mesa Dasi
I lived there for 13 years, and then my parents moved us to what I call the waveless shores of Florida. Wow.

00:03:30 Matthew Kuehlhorn
West Coast to East Coast.

00:03:32 Monica Mesa Dasi

00:03:34 Matthew Kuehlhorn
What was that like for you that was like in middle school time frame?

00:03:38 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yes, it was. It was a little bit traumatic to go from from the the seaside of California to the, yeah that coast of Florida, but it’s alright I I. I learned how to win Surf and sail and dive and do all the other things that I could do until I could pick up surfing again in my 30s.

00:04:05 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Right on.

00:04:05 Monica Mesa Dasi
Right on. So, yeah.

00:04:07 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Cool. I attempted to live out in Santa Monica once and it lasted maybe just a couple of months. Wasn’t it. Wasn’t for Matt, but so from the from Santa Monica to Florida. It was the concise or the the shorter story, the summation of coming from Florida into the Gunnison Valley.

00:04:31 Monica Mesa Dasi
Well, yeah, I went to Florida State University and then I moved to Miami, FL and I was a high school teacher, taught health education in the inner City Schools of Miami. Wow. Yeah, that was intense. And then I got married and I got pregnant with my son Shane. And as soon as soon as he was born, really, we decided to move. We wanted to raise him outside of the Big city, and so we moved to Vermont. Oh.

00:05:13 Matthew Kuehlhorn
My Goodness

00:05:13 Monica Mesa Dasi
, I lived there for three years, which is where my dad lived, and it’s a very wholesome place to. Raise children the way we wanted to kind of nature Valley granola type of place to raise your kids and and then sky was born my second son in Vermont and because I come from the West Coast I never quite felt super comfortable on the East Coast and the the weather was tough for me I’m I love the sun and. Coming from California and Florida and anyways we decided to move out West where we had come to Crested Butte for our honeymoon. Actually back in the 90s, the early 90s and I had fallen in love with it and we had bought some property and Crested Butte. Couldn’t figure out a way to live here and get jobs and all that kind of stuff. But at one point in Vermont, I was like, you know what, let’s just go. Let’s just go and make it work. And we did. And that was it. You know, crested Beau has always been such a home for me. And I just, I always felt embraced by these mountains and these people, this simple lifestyle and being able to surf on snow and. Yeah.

00:06:49 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, sunshine.

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00:07:28 Matthew Kuehlhorn
You landed, you landed more or less full time in middle Ish 90s. Is that what I gathered?

00:07:37 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yeah, let’s see. Actually, to be exact, 1997.

00:07:43 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Right off, right on.

00:07:45 Monica Mesa Dasi

00:07:46 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Very cool. That’s when I came on to the valleys. Really. Yeah.

00:07:52 Monica Mesa Dasi
All right. Yeah. And then Ronan was born. My third son. Yes, here. So one born in Miami, one in Vermont and one in Crested Butte.

00:08:02 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Oh, that’s amazing. When did when did when did yoga find you or when did you find it?

00:08:11 Monica Mesa Dasi
Ah, that’s a good question. It’s kind of fun, I believe it or not, was a competitive bodybuilder. In my youth and in college won a contest or two and got got had a very bad injury from lifting weights and slipped a disc and at that point I was a real fitness freak and bodybuilding and running and cycling and all these things. But it flattened me like I could do nothing anymore. And interesting story as I was going out with a professional baseball player at that time who always used to tell me you should do yoga. And I was like, yeah, right. Like yoga. You know, I’m like, I’m a bodybuilder, you know, I’m not, I’m not going to do yoga. And when this happened because, you know, they had. Yoga teachers come spring training and all that special baseball players have all this perks. But when this happened to this injury that I had, I was like, I could do hardly anything. I could hardly move. I could hardly walk here. I was on Florida, in Florida State University, walking around campus with a cane. And so I was like, all right, okay, show me that yoga stuff. And he showed me a couple of things down dog, child’s pose and basics. And it really helped me. And I didn’t have health insurance then. I didn’t have chiropractor. I didn’t have anything. I just had a little bit of yoga. Then I started taking classes and it healed me basically. And that started my, my yoga journey. And from there, over time, I just kind of lost the, the desire, the. The draw for just the physical aspect of fitness stopped really fulfilling me and I really found inside yoga how it brought me inwards and connected me to myself and to God and to, you know, the the universal spirit and it. It has led me on a deep and profound inward journey that is with me to this day.

00:10:36 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Was there is there a specific point in time or an experience where through the practice of yoga you opened up to that could be could only the energy, the energetics of the body spirit, is there anything or is that just an evolution over time kind of thing?

00:10:58 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yeah, another great question. There was definitely a moment I was when I was doing teacher trainings. I was Shiva Rae way back then. There was a book that she was on our book list. It’s called the tantric. Let me think what that book called Tantra, The Path to ecstasy. And there was a part in the book by Goerg Forste. There was a part in the book where it talked about having a guru. And the importance of having a guru to help guide your way. And I really stopped at that chapter and I was like interesting, you know, I’d never thought about that before. And I always thought, you know, the guru is inside, which it is. Gurus lead you inside. So I stopped. I stopped reading for a while and I went into. Introspection about this concept of having a guru. And I’ve like to have a guru to not have a guru. The guru on the outside, the guru on the Inside River. All that, all these questions. And I finally came to the realization that for me personally it was it was correct. Like it was right and I did want a guru. And then at that point I was like OK, now what? OK, now I know I wanted Guru, but then what? They like like how do you find your guru and so. I was like, well, you know, I got a bunch of kids. I can’t really go to India, you know, I’ll just kind of do it later when they graduate from high school or something. And I just let it go. And but I had, I think, because I had that desire and I had put it out there, especially in that spirit of surrender. My guru came to me. That’s a whole nother story that would take the rest of this podcast. But my first guru, Nim Kurli Baba, came to me in a very Mystic way and was very, very clear. And at that moment I felt it. I felt that, like you said, this is kudalini, this like inner pulse that happened. That was just like BAM and. You know, my guru, his teaching is love everyone, serve everyone, remember God, that’s it. That was his number one teaching. And I have always been a spiritual person and I came from Mystic Catholic family on both sides. And so that concept of devotion was very much a part of who I I was. And so his teaching was very profound for me.

00:13:55 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Love that.

00:13:56 Monica Mesa Dasi

00:13:57 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Thank you for sharing. There are a lot of things that we can talk about and we could probably carve out the next two to three hours. But I would want to focus us into a couple places if that’s all right. Monica, I want to inquire about your business a little bit and then I want to go into your book and I think this might go into your son’s. Why is your business called Soul on fire?

00:14:29 Monica Mesa Dasi
You know, it’s a good question because before it wasn’t called soul on fire. I was mainly known for yoga for the peaceful and just my name, Monica Mesa Dasi. But what happened about four years ago, some listeners may know, is that my oldest son, Shane died from suicide and obviously that. Was, you know, a devastating blow that turned my life and my other son’s lives upside down. And one of the things that I did when that happened was, you know, I I wanted to find everything that I could possibly find about Shane and all the places that I maybe hadn’t looked. And I went onto his Facebook page and I looked at every single post that he had ever made. And he had all these like very strong messages and quotes that were very inspirational. And one of them was this one. The greatest weapon on Earth is the human soul on the fire and. It really made me realize the importance of humans awakening process and my role in helping people to find that that awakening inside. And so that was when I started calling everything that I do I have. Online courses, groups for women and things like that. Retreats everything. So everything is now so on fire. I love that. I love that, sure.

00:16:38 Matthew Kuehlhorn
You brought up Shane and this is the is. Is Shane the focus of the book?

00:16:49 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yes, he’s.

00:16:49 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Working out and or bringing out.

00:16:51 Monica Mesa Dasi
His messages.

00:16:54 Matthew Kuehlhorn
So this is your channeling.

00:16:58 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yes, basically what happened was after he left the planet, I started getting messages from him. Sure. And at first I didn’t really know what was going on. And I had gotten messages in the past from people that had crossed over. But this was very profound and obvious. I had kind of dismissed some of those things. But when this happened, it was very, very clear and obvious. And he started writing me back. I I started a journal where I would write dear Shane and just tell him how I was feeling. And and then one day when I finished my entry, I started writing. It’s dear Mama. And like my hand just started writing and I I didn’t really know what was happening. And I just at first was questioning like, what’s going on here, you know? And then something inside me was like, just don’t even think about it. Just let your hand write. And so I did. And I just just wrote. And then when I was finished, I read it and it was like a message to him from me. And I was just like, wow. And then I just sort of let it flow and without questioning. And that began this sort of relationship in spirit where he would talk to me and give me messages that has become. Over 10 journals full of messages. And then one day I got the clear message from him that I was to share the messages. So I created this book and there’s three parts of the book, and, and the most sacred part though is, is, are his messages that I consider like an Oracle part of the book where you just kind of can open up the book and to any page and see what his message for the day is. That’s how it came to be.

00:19:16 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Does he have one in particular message, or are there multiple that it’s hard to summarize into one?

00:19:26 Monica Mesa Dasi
There’s a lot of messages for sure, but I do think that the primary focus of his message sort of interweaved with my own messages that I. I have shared with the world and then became even more passionate about sharing, mostly about self love and the message that that has had the most impact for me that I got one time when I was in my other gurus ashram in India, alma, she’s known as the hugging seat and I was sitting in my room. In deep meditation and suddenly I got this message from Shane and he said because I was just like I was in Supreme Union and and with God and this deep deep devotion with God and this beautiful love relationship and suddenly I get this message from him saying so. So hey mom, can you love yourself? As much as you love God. And I was like, holy shit, you know, I just was like, Oh my God. You know, it really. I was like, that’s a lot, you know, I love God a lot. Like. And so it was like, yeah, can you love yourself that much? And it was just like, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know, it was just like his way of saying, you know, Mom, you gotta love yourself, gotta love yourself, and God wants you to love yourself that much. That was the most profound message.

00:21:31 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Do you have any thoughts on why it’s difficult for some humans to love themselves that much, or at all?

00:21:39 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yeah, absolutely.

00:21:41 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Into into some mental health, right like.

00:21:44 Monica Mesa Dasi
Exactly, which is why I think it was Shane’s message, because he struggled with that in his life, with the challenges that he had and the family stuff that he dealt with and, you know, his own personal life traumas. I think that it was really hard for him. To let go of the the shame and the the things that you know made him not feel good enough and all that. And so I think that the ups and downs of life and the things that happen, the mistakes that we make, the things people do and say, how we’re treated, you know, all those things are dictions and. Personal habits and you know the the challenges that we deal with in life and think it can make it really hard to love, accept, respect, forgive ourselves. And so I I think you know his message to me that he wanted me to share and that I now want to share what the world is like no matter what has happened to you, no matter what. You’ve done no matter what mistakes you’ve made, no matter what anyone has said or done to you, like you got to keep tapping into that deep source of love inside that you are worthy, that you are still loved and.

00:23:27 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yes, it seems to be part of the human condition to have insecurity to have. Self value judgments and certainly our filters are conditioning or perspectives layer in meaning to certain experiences. We hear something from somebody, we make a meaning of it, we do something, we make a meaning of it, and that can empower or disempower. And I want to take a quick side tangent for some of the listeners. I’m I’m wondering or I’m curious if. The idea of channeling is a little woo, and I want to put a little bit of practicality into this because I think it’s real. I’m not a channeler myself. However, I’ve read some different readings of channeled works and I’m wondering, Monica, if you can explain a little bit of practicality and this is messages coming through you to you. And how do you, I don’t even know what the question is, but I want to anchor this a little bit for some of the listeners. And and then we’re going to spin it back to this mental health and self love concept because I think there’s a tie in here. So in channeling work, what does that really mean to you? What are you picking up? Is it energy? Is it spirit? Is it something else? And. How do you know it’s Shane coming through or another entity versus inside voice?

00:25:12 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yeah, you know, I’m a big believer in in the power of faith and of deep knowing and believing in something that the eyes can’t see. Or that the mind can’t pick apart and make practical sense of. I think so much of life is about that, you know, like how did those rainbow colored fish under the sea get like that? You know, how does the orchid bloom like that? You know, how do we get these special people dropped in our lives right when we needed them? How do the stars twinkle? You know, all these things. It’s it’s a matter of faith. And there’s so many questions that can’t be answered. And so I think that channeling is one of those things that you have to drop into your heart and your soul and your spirit and just like believe, you know, I I believe that everyone has inner gifts and they’re not really something that is that is. Supported and you know, like a lot of times children will say something that they heard or they saw and they, oh, the parents will be like oh, you just had a dream or you know, these kind of things. And I just believe in that. I believe in that. I believe in magic. I I believe in the God force that is in side of everything and everyone at sea. It could even be you know. Quantum physics is even part of this, you know, even the the scientists that don’t believe in God anymore or that Supreme Force, it’s like now that even that can be explained. So let’s see, what was it? What was the original question? Just it.

00:27:21 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Well, I I think you start alluding to it because I was, I was trying to see if we could get. A little bit of grounded perspective to the idea of channeling. And I’m just curious potentially some listeners are very familiar and potentially some are not and and maybe we’ve already lost them, but maybe they’re just like, Oh yeah, this is blue. And we’re going to, we’re going to hang in here if you’re still listening. I mean, I think what I heard explained here is that, well, let me ask you this kind of secondary type of question, Monica, are we spiritual beings and. Experiencing a human experience or are we physical humans? And I mean, you’ve already alluded to like the magic and we can almost prove magic with science these days.

00:28:12 Monica Mesa Dasi
Yeah. And you know, I just want to make it clear also that this is my belief and I really honor and appreciate everybody’s belief is this is. It’s so important in in life, in this world and all the complexities of different belief systems, is that I’m not saying it’s true. This is fact, you know, I’m saying this is true for me. This is my experience. And however people get inspiration and connect with their truth is what’s important, you know, to tap into. However, that happens for each human being. And this is just how it happens for me. And I’m a Virgo. Virgo’s a very practical, earthy people. And so for me, we could be very analytical and be like, you know, come on, Monica, you know. And so for me it was difficult. But when something happens to you in a way that’s so clear, you just don’t question it. You just go with it. And again, you just have faith. And so these are the way the messages came to me. And this is the way I connect with the God force and with my son and I. And I do believe that, you know, again, my belief is that there is really no death. There is only transformation that we go from 1 realm to the next realm and some spirits stay up there quiet, you know, in the quantum space, and some spirits talk to you. And that’s what happened to me.

00:29:52 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah got it, got it. The the point around self valuing oneself, self love and kind of just hidden mental health in the in the bullseye I think is kind of the self love. You mentioned 3 gems of healing. Is this practical around self love? Do the gems drive?

00:30:25 Monica Mesa Dasi
To that, yeah, yes, I think so. You know what, what I have created and called the three gems of healing are self love, the power of practice and purpose based living or mission based living. And so self love is the first one because I feel like when we have that that anchor of self love. That everything that we do is a benefit to all beings. I have this one, this one affirmation that I also love to share. It’s when you love yourself, you love the world. Because when we love ourselves, we can’t with show up in the world in a much greater way. We we want. To serve, we want to be our best, we want to help people, we want to be a beneficial presence on the planet. And so, you know, that’s why I feel like self love is so important. And how do we get to self love with all the things that have happened to us? Well, that’s where 2 comes in. The power of practice, power of daily practice is something again individual to each person. But I I feel like some kind of spiritually based. Practice daily helps us deal with the ups and downs of practice of life, I should say. And you know those things that have worked for me that I’ve I’m so blessed and honored to be able to share with the world in my in my work is meditation, prayer, yoga, chigong, you know, all a pranayama, breath work. Reading sacred texts, these things that can help us start our day with presence, with purpose, and with consciousness. And so I have a a course I’d love to offer for free to anyone who is here called the power of practice. It’s an online seven week course. And we can leave a link for them as well. And it’s where I share some of my the things that have worked for me. I I am particularly passionate about daily practice because what happened to me, and it’s how that particular course happened, is that when Shane passed on. Obviously, I was brought to my knees. I mean, I didn’t even know I would survive it, and a very strange thing happened the very next day. After getting through the night, however, I got through the night. I literally rolled out of bed, hysterical and got to my mat and my cushion and started practicing. Yoga and meditation and breathwork and mantra and these things and it was completely non cognitive. I didn’t try, I didn’t plan, I didn’t. It just happened. And I think that what happened was after decades of daily practice, day after day, no matter what Christmas. New Years, birthdays, visitors in the house, sickness, injuries, whatever, anger, you know all the things. No matter what happened. I did my practice and it literally became a part of me so that when the shit hit the fan and something tragic happened, that I didn’t think I would survive my practice. Was there and I think it saved my life. And so there’s something about that daily practice that I think comes back to you when you need it the most. And so that’s the power of practice. And then there’s the third one, which is purpose based living and purpose based living is. Do you have a mission to have a cause, to have a purpose that’s greater than making money and working for whatever the the goals of our personal life are? You know, I feel that if if somebody has a purpose again, when things get hard, that purpose can pull you through. You know, whatever. That caused me be, you know, there’s so many human trafficking, climate change, mental health. You know I mean come on, we could just go on and on and and to be a part of something like like that can give us purpose. I think it’s really helpful. So that’s how they all three kind of tie in together.

00:36:09 Matthew Kuehlhorn
It’s beautiful. I love all three. Certainly the purpose based living. I mean I think a lot of folks recognize that money cannot buy time nor can buy health and its purpose. That can really bring forth really valuing time and and your health in a lot of ways. I want to ask a question around the power of practice and then. I’m going to open up to you to share where we can learn more find about your your book and and just stay in touch with you Monica. And I’m asking personally. So in the power of practice, you know I just heard you recognize the value of daily practice and I dabbled in this and I’ve experimented and and played around with a daily practice and I know even if it’s 12 minutes. 5 minutes if I lock in my mornings. Man, that makes an amazing difference and I still struggle with keeping consistency to it. Do you have a practical piece for myself and for anybody listening that might have this same issue where I see value in daily practice? When I lock in and do it consistently, I can actually feel empowered and I can feel the benefits of it. And yet I still don’t have a locked in, locked in type of daily practice. How can a person anchor that? Where might they start?

00:37:52 Monica Mesa Dasi
Thank you, Matt. You know, I’m so glad you asked that question and I just want to tell you that you answered it. And it’s a message that all my students and mentees and everybody knows about me is that I always say even if it’s 11 minutes long, that counts, that makes a difference. And so I think that is probably number one is to take the pressure off and just begin with. 11 minutes, 7 minutes, whatever that may be, and that may grow into more and a little more practically about that. That I suggest, is to make it right away. So, for example, you know you, you, you wake up, your eyes awaken. I like to put my hands on my heart and say a prayer and I usually do 3 gratitudes and three desires when I’m a little low in my in my self love, I’ll even add three things I’m proud of about myself. That’s the first thing I do interweaved with that if if we’re so blessed to have a beloved by our side. It’s also very special to put your hand on each other’s heart and to do perhaps the same thing. You know, I’m so grateful for you, for da, da, da. And just to make that that connection with our our partners. And from there, I wake, I get up after that, it’s only after that. And then you go to the I’m being really practical here. You go pee. You drink a glass of water, splash your face, brush your teeth, whatever you need to do, and then from that place you’ll go directly to your mat or your cushion or your altar, whatever that is. No opening the phone. I’m sorry to say this, but no coffee. I know that if we haven’t lost listeners now, we’re probably going to lose them. No going into the kitchen, nothing else. You stay very focused, you know, because once we go to the kitchen, like I have water in my bathroom, I don’t even go to the kitchen. You, once you go to the kitchen, then something happens and something distracts us. Coffee. The reason why I say coffee is because once you have coffee it, you know, obviously those effects of coffee start to move your mind more quickly and so. That’s that’s something that I suggest is to to go right to it before anything else. Another thing practically is my friends that say, yeah, but I have kids. Well, I had kids too. I was a single mom of three kids. And how did I do it then? Well, I got up earlier than they got most of my life. I’ve gotten up in the dark to do my practice and so obviously children. Always come first. Partners always come first. Making love comes first. All the love and love always comes first is what I say. But right after that, you do your practice. Yeah, love it. I mean, the only other practical thing I could say, and I think that really helps, is having a spot like I have an altar, and the altar could be as simple or as complex as you like. But even if it’s just like 1 little candle or a picture of Jesus or the Buddha or a flower or something like that, just one little thing where you know, this is where I sit, this is where I I roll out my mat. Because what happens is if you miss your practice, one day you walk by that spot and it pulls you back again and again you see it. Day after day. Oh my God, dude. And one day you’re gonna be like, it’s just gonna pull you right back, right? Those are my practical tips.

00:42:24 Matthew Kuehlhorn
That’s great, Monica. As we wrap up, where can listeners track you down? Learn from you. Grab a book.

00:42:33 Monica Mesa Dasi
Oh, thank you so much. Well, the most exciting thing is certainly this book with you forever. I’ll tell you the full title with you forever. Surviving my son’s suicide, an Oracle of love, hope and channel messages. And the book not only has messages from Shane as my own messages and then the third part which I think is very important is about suicide prevention and how we can prevent suicide and support those who have been through it. People like me that are called suicide survivors and I think that part is really important that. Everybody can benefit from. And so my digital launch is happening on Shane’s birthday, which is April 6th and it’s, it’s only $0.99 so everybody can get it and I’ll be all over my social media. It’s @MonicaMesaDasi, whether it’s Instagram or or Facebook, my website’s And so I’ll be putting it everywhere so people can find that. And then two weeks later is the actual hard copy of the book launch, which I’m really excited about. It’s a beautiful book and has the Oracle part in it and everything that you can flip open to all the resources, including a resource for our community. That’s CB state of mind. It’s a wonderful organization that supports mental health in our community and suicide prevention. And we have a special program starting up next month too, to bring awareness to the community. And so there’s lots of information about that in there too. And so that’s probably the best way. I’m very accessible. When people reach out to me, I always get back to them. I have online courses I do every year, retreats, teach at festivals, all those kind of things. So I. I have a newsletter I put out that I call a love letter and so all that can be you know these days it’s so easy to find each other so.

00:44:50 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Yeah, I love that we’re going to include all those links in our show notes. So listeners, please track down Monica. She’s easy to find and learn more about her courses, her book of course and offerings and I did hear you on the seven week course. And so I’ll follow up with you on, on making sure we’ve got the right link for that and listeners take advantage of that. Monica, I really appreciate your vulnerability, your willingness to share, your message of love and self love. I know there’s a lot of work to do in the world, a lot of healing opportunities and I’m excited to check out your book and. You know, I, I knew Shane, I know, I know your boys a little bit. And I mean like all young people, I just have an affinity like a open heart. And yeah, I just, I just feel that resonated. I think it’s beautiful that this book is coming out and I just want to thank you for our conversation today and see if you have any closing thoughts.

00:46:08 Monica Mesa Dasi
Well, I want to thank you, Matt, for caring about our community, for caring about mental health, for caring about me enough to reach out to do this, and especially for caring about my sons. For the listeners to know, Matt was their boxing coach. And Sky and Shane and interestingly enough, my littlest one back then. Was too young to take your classes, but he watched and now he just recently won the state championships, Moita boxing. So you have had an impact on my son’s lives and I believe a very strong impact on one of the most difficult times in Shane’s life. So I want to thank you. I want to thank you for being a purpose based man in our community and in the world. And I I believe that has a very powerful impact and butterfly effect on the world. So thank you so much. And how I’d love to end is the way I let end all things is if you and the listeners would like to place your hands on your heart. This is an affirmation that I put together that I wish for us all to share with. All of our children and all of the world if it feels right to you. And so just take a moment to drop your mind into your heart, your heart into your mind, and repeat these words after me. I deeply and profoundly accept, respect, forgive and love myself, and we’ll do it two more times. I deeply.

00:48:03 Matthew Kuehlhorn

00:48:05 Monica Mesa Dasi
And profoundly accept, respect, forgive, and love myself no matter what, no matter what has happened, what anyone has done with challenges, I deeply and profoundly accept, respect, forgive, and love myself for the benefit of all beings. Because when you love yourself. The whole world wins.

00:48:38 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Thank you so much.

00:48:40 Monica Mesa Dasi
Thank you, man. Thank you everybody for listening.

00:48:44 Matthew Kuehlhorn
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for listening to the Kooler Lifestyle podcast. We count on your subscriptions, your likes, your shares and I encourage you to do that. Now if you’re watching on YouTube, go ahead and subscribe lower right hand button. If you’re on audio, download this, share it and we look forward to having you on the next one.